Working With an Editor

You’ve just found out that your story/article/interview is going to be included in a nationally published magazine/anthology/journal. The excitement can be overwhelming at first.  Enjoy it because there is more work ahead.  Your job does not stop here! Soon, you’ll hear from the editor and the next step will begin. Continue reading


No More Writer’s Block

Are you worried about not having anything to write? Do you fret about getting that dreaded writer’s block when you stare at a blank piece of paper? You don’t have to. Here is what you can do to prevent that from happening. In the twenty years I’ve been writing, I never had a problem with writer’s block due to my following these easy tips. Continue reading

How to Build Integrity as a Freelance Writer

Writers come from many different backgrounds and abilities, but one thing that they all have in common is their desire to succeed, often in a very tough, competitive market. How can you build integrity as a freelance writer? 

 Continue reading