What Is Social Bookmarking

If you use the internet, you will be aware that you can save your favourite websites in a folder, or collection of folders, called favourites or bookmarks. You can then go back to the web page next time you are online, just by clicking on to the page title. Social bookmarking works on a similar basis. Rather than storing the links on your browser, you visit a bookmarking website, where your favourite links are collected. Continue reading


Attracting traffic to your site

Attracting traffic to your site is an extremely important task when creating a website. Regardless of whether your site is designed to make money, make you famous, make people laugh, or get a message out, without traffic your site may as well not be online. If no-one is visiting your site, you get no benefit from it. While optimising the site to attract traffic from search engines is the most efficient way to generate consistent traffic, some sites may not be able to move up the rankings, even though they have high quality content. Continue reading

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website For Free

Well internet is the place where everyone is free to do everything and anything he or she wants. It is not monopolized by some one except a few; you know who I am talking about. So everyone can create his or her website and display just anything he or she wants on it. You get ad revenue, fame, satisfaction etc. But there is one prerequisite for all of these rewards. Good traffic to your website. Well we all know that for good traffic we need to have good content but what if you don’t get good page views even after having handpicked content? Continue reading

Chris Farrell: A Mentor Every New Entrepreneur Needs

Chris Farrell has only been on the Internet marketing scene for a couple of years, but he has risen to the top of the market, by offering free videos and tutorials for the new entrepreneur! His caring attitude has helped 1000’S of people start their own business, and helped Chris make a six figure income.

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - ...Chris Farrell, the newest guru of Internet marketing, is the real deal!  Finally, a true, and honest person, who treats everyone the way they should be treated.  He really cares and shows it with all the free information and help he gives away.
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