Albufeira: A Tourist’s Dream Destination

Albufeira is a city in Portugal with everything that a tourist could want – from relaxing beaches all the way through to some of the best nightlife in the country. In addition to this, the weakness of Portugal’s economy also means that this destination is one of the most affordable in the Western world. All of these points add up to make Albufeira Portugal vacations the perfect choice for everyone, regardless of what they are looking for. Continue reading


Discover Portugal: Douro Cruises

Imagine gliding down a historic river while sampling fine wine and being attended to by the crew of a modern cruise ship. This delightful image comes true when you take a cruise down the Douro River in Portugal. Continue reading

Seaside Resorts: The Best of Portugal

Portugal Seaside Resorts are plentiful. Depending upon the type and area desired, guests may find a number of resorts available. Coastal towns in Portugal are known for fishing, trade, yachting and tourism. People travel from all over the world to experience the Portuguese lifestyle. Continue reading

Lured by Lisbon’s Lasting Charm

It’s been a full generation since Portugal’s revolution and no one seems to have given Lisbon a lick of paint in all that time. Grubbier and shabbier than ever, Lisbon comes as something of a shock to a traveler coming from other European cities – shock at the change of tempo from the push, swagger and verve of cities like Madrid and Paris; shock at the unkempt, peeling, tired old town that is Portugal’s capital city. Continue reading

Festival Musicas Do Mundo, the Best of the World’s Music Set in Beautiful Sines, Portugal

Portugal has a musical tradition reaching back into the distant past and extending into the limitless future. A stellar series of renowned music festivals happen there every year, often set in surroundings of natural beauty and historical significance. Residents of Portugal can attend a schedule of musical events reaching from spring into autumn, covering every style and taste. Such an event is the Festival Musicas do Mundo, which takes place in the town of Sines. Continue reading

Portugese Paradise

According to recent research by MINTEL, Portugal ranks fourth on the wish lists of Britons keen to head abroad for a new life.  As a country, it’s awash with history, boasts beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes – no wonder it’s a popular destination.

Continue reading

Portugal Golf Guide

Portugal is famous for its golf courses, with long hours of sunlight, a mild ocean climate, and stunning scenery. Variety also abounds when playing on a coastline course in the famous Algarve region, on one of the Portuguese islands, or further up the coast to the northern part of Portugal. Continue reading