How To Bust Your Weight Plateau

If you have been trying to lose weight, then you already know that it involves a lot of hard work, determination and sweat.  The one common problem that most people seem to run into while dieting is what to do when they hit that all too common “plateau”.  That frustrating point when the needle on the scale just won’t budge anymore, regardless of what you do. Continue reading


Great Tips for an Effective Diet

Many diets seem to start off strong, but eventually the dieter fails to lose weight due to one main reason: a poor dieting plan. This article explains six strong points to consider when planning for a diet, and how they can effectively transform a poor diet into a successful one. Specific caloric intake and effective eating habits are included in this article. Continue reading

Five Common Diet Mistakes

1. Restricting too many calories
Cutting down on calorie intake is certainly a good way of losing weight, but if you try to reduce it by too many, it’s not always so beneficial. If you’re trying to eat 800 calories or less per day, your body might not be able to cope with it. As well as lacking in energy, eating fewer calories slows down your metabolism. Although you may be able to eat like this in the short term, it’s not a healthy long term option and, once you’ve finished your diet, the weight will come back on. Continue reading