Mobile Phone Designs

Mobile phone companies sell hardware on appearance as much as on features. Many people who purchase mobile phones place a high level of importance on how they look. Mobile phone designs fall into five primary categories, and this article explains some of their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading


Fashion Consultants Are Here For You

For many people in the world today, their English: Fashion model Raica Oliveira walking ...image is their signature: it’s something unique, utterly their own, and something that they put time and effort into perfecting. A sense of fashion comes naturally to some people and they manage to effortlessly piece together a great ensemble for any occasion. Other people have a harder time knowing what shoes to wear with what shirt or what belt goes best with which colors. For those who are clueless about couture, fashion consultants are here for you. Continue reading

One of a Kind Portuguese Handicrafts

Handicrafts are one of the biggest sellers in Portugal. Many tourists purchase these handmade items to bring home with them, display in their homes because they are unique to the area, and have a certain charm that cannot be found anywhere else. There are many different types of handicrafts that local Portuguese merchants make, but the most popular to date is pottery. Here are some of the types of crafts that many locals make and tourists love to buy. 

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Invention Ideas

Summary: This article offers tips on how to pursue invention ideas. Steps include recording your idea, designing your idea, the patent process, making a prototype, manufacturing your product and selling your idea to larger companies.

English: Graphic work-by paul b. toman

Everyone has had a moment their life where an idea to improve or invent a product has popped into their mind.  Maybe they thought of a great new product idea that fills a specialty need or maybe they invented a way to improve on an already existing product.  There is a huge difference between having these ideas and actually acting on these ideas.  When we don’t act on our ideas, inevitably we wind up seeing our invention on a commercial or on the shelves at Walmart a few years later.  That’s when we wind up kicking ourselves for not pursuing our idea.??

So what if you do have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition?  How do you get your idea created, manufactured or sold?  The first step is to write down your idea.  Create a detailed outline describing your idea and the exact specifications of the product or how it improves on a current product.  Once you have your idea on paper, it’s time to get it created or designed.??

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