If You Can Read, You Can Write

Everywhere you go, you see words. Remember all those papers you had to write in college. How about all those notes you wrote to your boyfriend or girlfriend in high school? Everyone has a little “writer” inside themselves. If you can read you can most definitely write. Continue reading


Credit Card Marketing and New Technology

Welcome to marketing in the 21stcentury! There is a new game in town, and it uses all the technology at its disposal. Opportunity Knocks is rewriting marketing strategy for a new era. Their new approach combines the internet and new technology with time-tested marketing strategy. They are not the only marketing company taking advantage of this trend. Companies are gearing up for the future of marketing technology. Continue reading

Increasing Your Website’s Traffic With Copyright

Almost every website on the Internet includes some content, whether this is in the form of pictures, words or another media. Copyright laws are used to safeguard the intellectual rights of the author of his or her content. Copyright law has recently become a very important issue in the worldwide media due to countries’ acts of government like S.O.P.A. and other high-profile attempts at enforcing copyright online. This is the perfect time to review your website’s copyright and to make sure you are making the most of its potential. This article highlights the importance of updating copyright on a website, the types of work that can be protected and the direct, positive effect it can have on the amount of views a website receives. Continue reading

“Free Samples” Aren’t Free

The ads for “free samples” are impossible to avoid. They often appear as side-bars, sometimes as expensive banner ads and even as pop-ups. The pitch is very simple: You can receive a week’s (or month’s, or six week’s) supply of pills that will do X (thoroughly clean out your colon, burn fat while you sleep or some other unlikely or even physically impossible task). The hook: In order to receive this free sample, you have to provide a credit card number. The credit card will not be charged for your free sample, the reader is assured, but it is necessary for verification purposes. Continue reading

The Four Levels of Skateboard Sponsorship

When you’re first starting out with skateboarding, sponsorship can seem as far away as the moon. But, before you know it, you might just be banging out kickflips and heelflips at a rate that deserves at least a free skateboard every now and then. Continue reading

Sound Engineering Career Niches

A career in sound engineering can be exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. A sound engineer is a professional media technician who manipulates the output of sound of various amplification and recording devices. Moreover, the engineer utilizes his or her abilities at indoor and outdoor theaters, music recording studios, and concert locations. Continue reading

Macro-Photography 101: Equipment and Technique

Macro-photography is photographing subjects extremely up close. Usually the subjects are very small, such as animals, insects, plants, and so on. Macro-photography is a specialized discipline requiring certain equipment and skill sets. Continue reading