The Most Exciting New Features of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has finally been released, and Apple fans will now be able to get their hands on the latest version of the smartphone. If you are debating whether to choose the iPhone 5 for your next handset or whether to go with something different like an Android or Windows Phone device, here are some of the most exciting new features of the iPhone 5 to help you to decide whether it is enough to sway your decision. Continue reading


Some of The Best iPad-Related Sites

Do a search on iPad and you get around 2,190,000,000 results – yes that is right over 2 billion results. That would take even the most diligent of surfers a few lifetimes to get through. There is more useful, fun, informative, educational, shopping-related and utterly bogus sites about the iPad than politicians have excuses. The list presented here is by no means complete, but it does have a few of the primary players in the giant iPad game in the sky. They are in no particular order. Continue reading

4 Ways the Kindle Fire Hurts Apple

While Steve Jobs can lay claim to single-handedly taking a company on the verge of total destruction and turning it around, Jeff Bezos can boast that he made it possible for the dying publishing industry to stay afloat – and also allowed previously unpublished authors to introduce their words to the world, making some of them extremely rich in the process. Continue reading

Mobile Phone Designs

Mobile phone companies sell hardware on appearance as much as on features. Many people who purchase mobile phones place a high level of importance on how they look. Mobile phone designs fall into five primary categories, and this article explains some of their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading

How to Create an App for Your Small Business

Summary: The article details the process of creating a mobile app for your small business. Steps involved include: coming up with app ideas, hiring a freelance coder to create your app and signing up for an Apple developer account.

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Mobile apps are quickly becoming an important marketing tool for many small businesses.  We all know that the large corporations have apps for their products and services, but now even local businesses can launch an app solely for their clients use.  Dry cleaners, limo companies, bakeries, cleaning services; these are the types of local businesses that could benefit from having their own app.  For example, a local pizza restaurant could have an app that takes pizza orders, allows customers to select toppings and then displays an approximate delivery time.  This app could be very useful for regular clients who don’t want to have to call in their order.  ??

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Profiting by Emotion: Creating an Empathetic Business Model

Summary: Some of the world´s most successful businesses think (and feel) like their customers. These companies employ empathetic business models that govern how they develop products or services as well as how they relate with their customer base. Tuning into the customers´ needs and insights can result in the most effective way to do business.

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Until the world is tenanted with robots, business will be governed by emotions. Companies that understand that people are emotionally driven are more likely to succeed than those that do not.  Simply by listening to clients’ needs and insights, companies can improve their business practices and products.  Designing a business model based on empathy for the customer is the key to engaging their interest and maintaining a successful relationship. Continue reading