The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

One of the most mysterious manuscripts every published is the Voynich manuscript. According to experts, it has been dated to the late 15th century or early 16th century, but no one knows who published the manuscript. The name was derived from the person who purchased the manuscript in the early 1900s, Wilfrid Voynich, but the book currently resides at a library on the Yale University campus. Continue reading


Electronic Medical Records Add New Dimension to Nursing

Summary: More and more state authorities in the United States are telling hospitals they need to make the transition from paper medical records to electronic ones. Medical institutions that already have digitized record management systems are finding that their quality of service and patient care are improving as a result. Often on the front-line of patient care, nurses stand to be one of the chief beneficiary groups of the widespread move towards electronic medical records.

English: Navy nurses in the 1940s.

As nurses are on the frontline of patient care and support in any health care setting, both the accessibility and protection of patient data records is particularly important to them. Whether it’s to determine the method of treatment or to inform a patient and their family, nurses need to be able to quickly access medical records. Continue reading