Essentials of Photography – How to Avoid Blurry Pictures

Taking blurry pictures is one of the most common mistakes made by photographers. It’s not just a problem for casual snappers, even serious photographers get focussing wrong sometimes. There’s nothing worse than taking a great photograph and realising it’s blurred when you later view it. Sharp pictures always look fantastic, and it’s worth a little extra effort each time you press the shutter button to ensure focussing is right. Continue reading


Three Advantages of Facebook’s Timeline

After much hype, Facebook has rolled out its new Timeline feature, revamping profile pages more dramatically than ever before. Every time Facebook changes a feature, users across the globe complain. However, the cutting-edge social networking site is ever-evolving, so users shouldn’t be surprised by these regular updates. Timeline allows users to provide more content about their life on their profile page, which might be appealing to some and worrisome to others. The new profile look does offer a few distinct advantages. Continue reading

Simple Guide: How to Photograph

Taking good quality photos can seem like a daunting task, but once you know the basic tips any beginner photographer with the determination to effectively capture life through photos can transform into a creative camera expert. Continue reading

Macro-Photography 101: Equipment and Technique

Macro-photography is photographing subjects extremely up close. Usually the subjects are very small, such as animals, insects, plants, and so on. Macro-photography is a specialized discipline requiring certain equipment and skill sets. Continue reading

Five Easy and Free Tips to Speed Up Your Windows PC

Summary: Slow speed and sluggish responsiveness is a common complaint for Windows PC users. However, there is no need to spend money straight away on an upgrade. Here are five easy and quick ways to give your computer a new lease of life, without having to reach for your wallet.

Adding Desktop Gadgets

Despite ever-increasing hardware speeds, poor everyday performance of a desktop or laptop is a common annoyance. With use a Windows PC can become sluggish to operate, less responsive and slower to boot up. However, this doesn’t mean that it is time to take out your wallet and upgrade. Here are five quick, easy and free tips to speed up your Windows PC.

Continue reading

Resin Casting: Tips and Techniques

"Serving Two Masters" - completed re...

Summary: “Resin Casting: Tips and Techniques” introduces the reader to the concept of plastic casting resins. It explains that two liquid resins are mixed together which then harden into the desired shape. The article offers safety tips and advice on choosing the right resin, then discusses tools, materials and ideas for projects. Continue reading