Liverpool: Much More Than Just the Beatles

Most people visit Liverpool to follow in the footsteps of the most famous rock group of all time, the Beatles. However, residents of this port city in the north of England will tell you that the city boasts plenty of other attractions, including two cathedrals, two world-class soccer teams, great nightlife and several excellent museums. Continue reading


Visit Italy: History of Livorno

Situated on the Western shore of Tuscany, Livorno’s significance as a port has brought the city both prosperity and grief. While the city flourished under Medici rule, its strategic relevance caused Napoleon Bonaparte to occupy it three times in four years, and the city suffered heavy bombing during World War II. Livorno does not possess the tourist attractions of Rome, Florence or Milan, though it does have a “New Venice” district. What Livorno does offer is a relaxing seaside getaway in the charming region of Tuscany. Continue reading

Seaside Resorts: The Best of Portugal

Portugal Seaside Resorts are plentiful. Depending upon the type and area desired, guests may find a number of resorts available. Coastal towns in Portugal are known for fishing, trade, yachting and tourism. People travel from all over the world to experience the Portuguese lifestyle. Continue reading

Portugese Paradise

According to recent research by MINTEL, Portugal ranks fourth on the wish lists of Britons keen to head abroad for a new life.  As a country, it’s awash with history, boasts beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes – no wonder it’s a popular destination.

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