Make Money Wordpress Blogging

With WordPress, you can earn money blogging by monetizing, but first you need to get a readership. The good news is for a small fee you can get a professional blog theme. And to make money online, WordPress blogs are simple to optimize and market. But how do you stand out from the millions of other WordPress blogs? Simply, you get more hits than they do. This SEO guide gives answers on how to get more hits via your WordPress blog. Continue reading


4 Ways the Kindle Fire Hurts Apple

While Steve Jobs can lay claim to single-handedly taking a company on the verge of total destruction and turning it around, Jeff Bezos can boast that he made it possible for the dying publishing industry to stay afloat – and also allowed previously unpublished authors to introduce their words to the world, making some of them extremely rich in the process. Continue reading

The Benefits of E-Learning Over Instructor-Led Training

The traditional method of learning in a classroom environment led by an instructor may have come to be viewed as the norm, but it’s not necessarily the most effective method of education. A growing number of students have taken their educational career into their own hands by studying through e-learning. Continue reading

Attracting traffic to your site

Attracting traffic to your site is an extremely important task when creating a website. Regardless of whether your site is designed to make money, make you famous, make people laugh, or get a message out, without traffic your site may as well not be online. If no-one is visiting your site, you get no benefit from it. While optimising the site to attract traffic from search engines is the most efficient way to generate consistent traffic, some sites may not be able to move up the rankings, even though they have high quality content. Continue reading

Forward Thinking in the World of Domain Name Speculation

For domain name speculators, those people who buy, hoard, collect, barter, sell or invest in domain names, forward thinking is a necessity. Domain name investing and speculating is making people a lot of money, but it takes savvy and know-how to be successful. Continue reading

How to Counter-Attack the Facebook Effect

Nowadays, everyone is on Facebook: Classmates, friends, family, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, wardens, teachers, judges, children and even pets. Facebook has become a materialistic competition platform, fairy tale romance publisher and not to mention a free counseling center where you can vent your personal soap operas to engage an audience. Continue reading

Why Did My Facebook Friend Unfriend Me?

Thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook, it is now possible to connect and keep in touch with literally hundreds of friends and family members across the miles, or even from across the road. Empty nesters can check up on their children who have just left home, and you can stay up to date on what your best friend has been up to. Unfortunately, Facebook can sometimes bring out the worst in people. If your Facebook friend has “unfriended” you, it can take you by surprise and leave you wracking your brains trying to work out why you were deleted. Continue reading