Credit Card Marketing and New Technology

Welcome to marketing in the 21stcentury! There is a new game in town, and it uses all the technology at its disposal. Opportunity Knocks is rewriting marketing strategy for a new era. Their new approach combines the internet and new technology with time-tested marketing strategy. They are not the only marketing company taking advantage of this trend. Companies are gearing up for the future of marketing technology. Continue reading


Make Money Wordpress Blogging

With WordPress, you can earn money blogging by monetizing, but first you need to get a readership. The good news is for a small fee you can get a professional blog theme. And to make money online, WordPress blogs are simple to optimize and market. But how do you stand out from the millions of other WordPress blogs? Simply, you get more hits than they do. This SEO guide gives answers on how to get more hits via your WordPress blog. Continue reading

Attracting traffic to your site

Attracting traffic to your site is an extremely important task when creating a website. Regardless of whether your site is designed to make money, make you famous, make people laugh, or get a message out, without traffic your site may as well not be online. If no-one is visiting your site, you get no benefit from it. While optimising the site to attract traffic from search engines is the most efficient way to generate consistent traffic, some sites may not be able to move up the rankings, even though they have high quality content. Continue reading

Forward Thinking in the World of Domain Name Speculation

For domain name speculators, those people who buy, hoard, collect, barter, sell or invest in domain names, forward thinking is a necessity. Domain name investing and speculating is making people a lot of money, but it takes savvy and know-how to be successful. Continue reading

How Many Keywords per Page Do You Need for SEO?

There is no magic number when it comes to keyword density. According to Matt Cutts from Google, “It’s not a hard and fast rule.” Continue reading

Five Tips for Business Blogging

Are you looking to start a blog but don’t know where to begin? These five tips will help you successfully write an engaging blog and drive readers to your website! Continue reading

A New Business Venture

Customer servicesStart your own business by using advertising skills and correctly pricing your goods and services. This article shows different methods of advertising your business, establishing a price for your goods or services, and explains the importance of keeping your customers by providing a first-class service. lf you are interested in starting your own business you will find this article informative and helpful. Continue reading