American History: The Louisiana Purchase

On April 30, 1803 the United States of America and France signed one of the biggest land deals in history:  The Louisiana Purchase.  The United States paid France 15 million dollars to purchase almost 830,000 square miles of land.  The land purchased included what are now the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma.  Lands including portions of present-day Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Louisiana were also part of the deal. Continue reading


The Viking Sword

The Vikings were explorers, traders, and pioneers, but their culture revolved around warfare. Starting in 793 with the violent raid at the abbey on Lindisfarne in northern England, Viking marauders plagued Europe with raids on coastal settlements for three hundred years. It was not until 1066 that the age of Viking dominance came to an end with the defeat of Harald Hadrada, following his invasion of England. Continue reading