America’s Love Affair with Pizza

Whether or not Americans ever agree on which variety of pizza crust is best, thick or thin, round or square, hand-thrown or rolled, one thing is sure:  America’s long-term love affair with pizza remains as saucy as ever with no breakup in sight.  In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimates a whopping 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year representing $32+ billion annually in revenue.  Now thatsa-lotta-pizza! Continue reading


Women Who Brew: Craft Beers From Female Brewers

Picture women and beer and you might think of the St. Pauli Girl or the Swedish Bikini Team. However, women have a long and illustrious history as brewers, not servers. The original beer-loving culture, the Egyptians, considered brewing the most womanly of culinary arts, creating statues and frescoes of female brewers in every stage of beer production. Even the deity in charge of beer was a goddess. Continue reading