4 Ways the Kindle Fire Hurts Apple

While Steve Jobs can lay claim to single-handedly taking a company on the verge of total destruction and turning it around, Jeff Bezos can boast that he made it possible for the dying publishing industry to stay afloat – and also allowed previously unpublished authors to introduce their words to the world, making some of them extremely rich in the process. Continue reading


Music Video: Aurea The Best Of Portugal

On December 2010, Aurea made a special Live TV broadcast to promote some of her songs, including “Busy For Me”. It which as transmitted by RTP2 and SIC Notícias. Her single “Busy For Me”, released in August 2010, became her first number one single, it topped the Portuguese iTunes chart and is credited with firmly establishing the singer’s career and is now considered her signature song. Critical reviewers of “Busy for Me” noted similarities between the song to releases by Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and The Supremes, as well as contemporaries such as British singer Amy Winehouse or Duffy. During the following year (2011), Aurea made a concert tour along the country to promote her album. She sold out all the major national venues, and the tour was a huge success. Her debut album remained 44 weeks on the top Portuguese charts, and still counting. ( Source Wikipedia )

Wookieepedia: Aurea was a planet, located in the Aurea system, well known for its expert artisans.

Carlos Santana

Paul Reed Smith met up with Carlos Santana back in 1978-79 with a guitar that Paul thought suits the kind of music Carlos makes. Carlos saw in Paul’s eyes an eagerness which made him pick up the guitar and he has not put it down since. Thus Santana’s unusual 24-fret, 24Ω”-scale signature model became one of PRS’ earliest special order models. The Jazz legend and jazz fusion genius has been playing the Santana II model guitar ever since. He also likes to play the single-cut PRS guitar or any PRS guitar for that matter. Continue reading