How to Search for a File in Windows XP

Have you ever had one of those times when you go to find an important file you recently saved, you open the folder you saved it in, and it’s not there?  You then have a moment of panic wondering whether you actually saved it.  Frantic by this point, you open Window’s Explorer and search every folder to find your lost file.  There is, however, a much quicker method that is, surprisingly, underused.  Windows provides a search facility for just this eventuality.  If you have never used this, then these are the steps you need to take. Continue reading


Some of The Best iPad-Related Sites

Do a search on iPad and you get around 2,190,000,000 results – yes that is right over 2 billion results. That would take even the most diligent of surfers a few lifetimes to get through. There is more useful, fun, informative, educational, shopping-related and utterly bogus sites about the iPad than politicians have excuses. The list presented here is by no means complete, but it does have a few of the primary players in the giant iPad game in the sky. They are in no particular order. Continue reading

Ten Computer Terms Explained

To the average person, computer terms make as little sense as legalese or medical jargon. However, the average person encounters computer terms much more often in day-to-day life and conversations can become confusing. Next time you’re on the phone with the helpdesk, keep these terms straight to make your call go much quicker. Continue reading