Five Tips for Business Blogging

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Leadership is about helping others shine their light

There is a famous poem written by Marianne Williamson and recited in an address by Nelson Mandela that admonishes every person to shine their light so that others may shine theirs. Here is a piece from that inspirational poem, entitled “Our Deepest Fear:” Continue reading

When Should You Look For a College Mentor?

Are you thinking about attending college? Are you already attending? Have you thought about getting a mentor who can guide you along the best path for your future goals? A college mentor is someone who offers guidance on the path a student should take during his years in college in preparation for a career. When is the best time to find a college mentor who can offer the guidance you need?

German historian Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886)...

A college mentor is someone with the background and desire to guide a student in preparing for his years beyond college. Students who are highly motivated to excel and go beyond the minimum requirements of college study seek out a mentor so that they can benefit from the resources and advice a college mentor can offer. Most colleges assign students to an advisor who assists the student in scheduling required courses for his major course of study as well as minor concentrations. The college mentor goes above and beyond this responsibility in an unofficial manner.
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Invention Ideas

Summary: This article offers tips on how to pursue invention ideas. Steps include recording your idea, designing your idea, the patent process, making a prototype, manufacturing your product and selling your idea to larger companies.

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Everyone has had a moment their life where an idea to improve or invent a product has popped into their mind.  Maybe they thought of a great new product idea that fills a specialty need or maybe they invented a way to improve on an already existing product.  There is a huge difference between having these ideas and actually acting on these ideas.  When we don’t act on our ideas, inevitably we wind up seeing our invention on a commercial or on the shelves at Walmart a few years later.  That’s when we wind up kicking ourselves for not pursuing our idea.??

So what if you do have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition?  How do you get your idea created, manufactured or sold?  The first step is to write down your idea.  Create a detailed outline describing your idea and the exact specifications of the product or how it improves on a current product.  Once you have your idea on paper, it’s time to get it created or designed.??

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Maintaining a Competitive Edge in the Evolving State of Retail

Summary: The state of the retail industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Now, more than ever, retail managers should reassess their business practices, along with the practices of competitors. The most convenient way to do this is through consultations with a retail management coach.

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The U.S. retail industry has experienced a transforming revolution spurred by an influx of consumer education and an unstable economy. The consequences of this volatile combination mean that no business, regardless of how established or successful it is, is safe from being made obsolete by an increasingly perceptive competition. In order to stay in commerce and outrival competing businesses, companies and their leadership must stand out from the rest.

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Do’S and Don’Ts of Selling Tips

Summary: Freelance writing isn´t all about articles and essays. Selling tips can be a fun way to make a little extra income. This article outlines 4 do´s and don´ts.

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You’ve probably seen reader’s tips in many of the magazines that you read. Have you ever thought of writing and submitting tips of your own? You can! Here are four tips you can follow to increase your chance of tip publication: Continue reading

Profiting by Emotion: Creating an Empathetic Business Model

Summary: Some of the world´s most successful businesses think (and feel) like their customers. These companies employ empathetic business models that govern how they develop products or services as well as how they relate with their customer base. Tuning into the customers´ needs and insights can result in the most effective way to do business.

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Until the world is tenanted with robots, business will be governed by emotions. Companies that understand that people are emotionally driven are more likely to succeed than those that do not.  Simply by listening to clients’ needs and insights, companies can improve their business practices and products.  Designing a business model based on empathy for the customer is the key to engaging their interest and maintaining a successful relationship. Continue reading