Make Money Wordpress Blogging

With WordPress, you can earn money blogging by monetizing, but first you need to get a readership. The good news is for a small fee you can get a professional blog theme. And to make money online, WordPress blogs are simple to optimize and market. But how do you stand out from the millions of other WordPress blogs? Simply, you get more hits than they do. This SEO guide gives answers on how to get more hits via your WordPress blog. Continue reading


International Women’s Day

International Woman's Day :*Denomination: 60 F...

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International Women’s Day March 8 occurs every year and draws attention to gender inequality and women’s situation worldwide.
The International Women’s Day was instituted in 1910 by the world socialist organization Second International at the initiative of Clara Zetkin. Each year in each country would be on the same day celebrate Women’s Day under the slogan: Voting rights for women to unite our strength in the struggle for socialism. Congratulations to all these wonderful women around the world.


Cat Care Tips: Choosing a Healthy Kitten

Bringing home a new kitten is always an exciting time. However, it is very important that you know how to choose a healthy kitten to bring home so that you will save money on veterinary bills. Not only that, but choosing a healthy kitten will also save you and your family from heartache. Continue reading

Some of The Best iPad-Related Sites

Do a search on iPad and you get around 2,190,000,000 results – yes that is right over 2 billion results. That would take even the most diligent of surfers a few lifetimes to get through. There is more useful, fun, informative, educational, shopping-related and utterly bogus sites about the iPad than politicians have excuses. The list presented here is by no means complete, but it does have a few of the primary players in the giant iPad game in the sky. They are in no particular order. Continue reading

Ten Computer Terms Explained

To the average person, computer terms make as little sense as legalese or medical jargon. However, the average person encounters computer terms much more often in day-to-day life and conversations can become confusing. Next time you’re on the phone with the helpdesk, keep these terms straight to make your call go much quicker. Continue reading

Rubik’ s Cube: The Most Popular Toy of All Time

Unless you are a cubaholic, solving a Rubik’s Cube in twenty moves or less probably seems like a pretty daunting task. Wait – make that solving a Rubik’s Cube in any number of moves. While many people still have trouble solving even just one side of the cube, experts have finally agreed that twenty is the magic number of moves that it takes to complete the puzzle. Any Rubik’s Cube, no matter how it is mixed up, can be solved in less than twenty moves! Kind of makes you want to pull yours out and give it another shot, doesn’t it? Continue reading

4 Ways the Kindle Fire Hurts Apple

While Steve Jobs can lay claim to single-handedly taking a company on the verge of total destruction and turning it around, Jeff Bezos can boast that he made it possible for the dying publishing industry to stay afloat – and also allowed previously unpublished authors to introduce their words to the world, making some of them extremely rich in the process. Continue reading