Develop Your Street Photography Skills

Street photography has become very popular over the past couple of years. It’s a style of photography that’s been around since the early days of film cameras, and the recent rise is partly explained by developments in technology. Digital cameras are incredibly easy to use, and you don’t need to be a skilled photographer to produce great pictures with one. The development of cameras on mobile phones means that most people always have a device to hand ready to shoot pictures. The ease of use and availability of cameras has driven the rise in street photography. Continue reading


Mastering Shutter Speed for Creative Photography

Shutter speed is one of the key controls the photographer can use to control the appearance of pictures. If you are using your camera in automatic mode, you are missing out on the opportunity to create awesome photographs. Once you understand how shutter speed influences the outcome of your pictures, you can take creative control. Continue reading

How to Photograph London

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting capital cities in the world. Its history can be traced back hundreds of years and there is clear evidence of this throughout the city. London is a leading tourist destination and offers a huge range of photographic opportunities for any visitor. Continue reading

Book Review: Mark Twain, Man in White

For decades, the accepted view of Mark Twain’s last years is that he spent that time as a bitter, angry misanthrope, railing against human nature, religion, and society. Certainly, a posthumously-published collection of some of Twain’s more vitriolic essays, Mark Twain in Eruption (1940, edited by biographer and historian Bernard DeVoto) supports this view. It is also bolstered by Twain biographies, including Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain by Justin Kaplan and Mark Twain: God’s Fool by Hamlin Lewis Hill. Continue reading

Understanding Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman is America’s greatest poet.  He is read not only by Americans but by people around the world. Whitman has been lovingly translated by many of the great poets of other languages and found an enthusiastic following in places as diverse as India and South Africa.   Walt Whitman intended his work to be a portrait of America and also a reflection of its democratic values.  He wrote for Americans but he is now a part of a world literature.  For many people across the globe Walt Whitman is the voice of America.  If you want to learn more about America there is no better place to start than by reading Walt Whitman.  Walt Whitman is the poet who best exemplifies America’s unique literary tradition and culture. Continue reading

Five Famous Twitter Scandals

Many celebrities have been caught in scandals in the harsh light of Twitter, a popular social networking site.  The types of scandals in which they have been involved cover a wide range of types.  They include nasty comments, intimate photos mistakenly sent to the public and topless photos.  Some of the stars caught in the scandals are Lindsay Lohan, and Courtney Love. Continue reading

Macro-Photography 101: Equipment and Technique

Macro-photography is photographing subjects extremely up close. Usually the subjects are very small, such as animals, insects, plants, and so on. Macro-photography is a specialized discipline requiring certain equipment and skill sets. Continue reading