If You Can Read, You Can Write

Everywhere you go, you see words. Remember all those papers you had to write in college. How about all those notes you wrote to your boyfriend or girlfriend in high school? Everyone has a little “writer” inside themselves. If you can read you can most definitely write.

The question that should be asked is, “can you write well?” The answer is not necessarily set in stone. However, it doesn’t matter unless you want to be the next Stephen King. It only matters whether or not you are willing to write. In reality, most people don’t think they are good writers because they don’t want to write. That is why the millions of freelance websites on the Internet are making thousands of dollars by offering writing services.

English: Traditional freelance writer work system.

English: Traditional freelance writer work system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tons of people own websites or businesses. Just as many people have school work or businesses reports to write-up. The average person does not have the patience to write an article on cleaning products if they don’t actually care about cleaning. However, there are the select few people in this world that can ignore the fact they hate brooms and vacuums. These people can make a nice little chunk of change by writing for other people.

There are tons of different writing possibilities on the web. You can write website articles, college papers, biographies, books, screenplays, summaries, or even reviews. In some cases, you can make a lot of money for very little work. All kinds of people are looking to hire people to write things for them.

So, where do I find these employers? Freelance websites are the best place to get odd jobs. Make a quick profile, apply to a few different job postings, and wait for the directions to roll in. Many people write website articles or research papers every day after they get home from their day jobs and make enough in a month to pay off the electric bill.

Freelance writing won’t make you rich. However, it will give you some fast money. Usually, it isn’t very hard. You can do the job while you’re watching TV or waiting for dinner to cook. The more you do these freelance jobs, the easier they will get. Before long, you can knock off two or three jobs a day. In the grand scheme of things, you aren’t really doing anything except applying your every-day skills to a job that someone else is too lazy to complete.

So, if you are needed of some fast cash and you know how to read, it can be a really good idea to consider freelance writing. There are thousands of jobs available and thousands of websites that offer such services. If you are lucky, you can even secure some steady jobs with websites that will allow you a small, but regular, income for submitting one article a week. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, it isn’t even hard. Just like the great Stephen King once said, “If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn’t bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented.”


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