Make Money Wordpress Blogging

With WordPress, you can earn money blogging by monetizing, but first you need to get a readership. The good news is for a small fee you can get a professional blog theme. And to make money online, WordPress blogs are simple to optimize and market. But how do you stand out from the millions of other WordPress blogs? Simply, you get more hits than they do. This SEO guide gives answers on how to get more hits via your WordPress blog.

First, it’s simple to make money WordPress blogging. Second, WordPress blogs  are naturally search engine  friendly, like most blogs. Third, WordPress blogs are highly customizable, have unique themes which look great, can be upgraded for more pages, and are respected by millions across the  world.

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So how do you get more hits to make money WordPress blogging?

Writing – #1 Way to Make Money WordPress Blogging
You can write on popular subjects and still make little money if you don’t practice as a blogger. Blog writing is an art form unto itself. You don’t need to go back to 10th grade English, but studying top blogs and noting writing styles comes in handy. It’s not the topic you write on, but the way you write on it. And that includes word choices, namely keywords.

Content Choices to Make Money WordPress Blogging
Content is king online, and even though that’s a cliché it’s still true. You need to pick fields you are knowledgeable in, not topics you think will be best for monetization. If you’re just starting out with WordPress and blogging in general, set your sites low. Start a somewhat personal blog you can continue. Just like first books rarely take off for authors, first blogs rarely come together. You lost interest, another blog starts making more money for you, or you give up on it and start fresh.

In choosing content, note the high-ranking keywords online, and incorporate them with what you know. You will gain valuable experience in that first blog..But make sure you enjoy the topic enough to continue. Going with credit cards because they have a high pay-per-click rate isn’t smart; it could work, but it won’t be much fun.

Keyword Use to Make Money WordPress Blogging
You definitely have a high value as a blogger no matter your schooling, age, race, profession, or national origin. Something is you have is valuable to others, and your job is to find the right niche topic for it. If you work as a cashier, but you hit the clubs at night, you might start a localized blog about partying in your hometown. If you’re an accountant, you might review top tax programs and the advantages of each. The possibilities are endless.

So where do you find niche keywords? Google’s AdWords keyword tool allows you to see the best keywords. You type in what you would like to write on, and it goes over similar words which might have high rankings along with your keyword. If you picked finance, you’ll see thousands of listings and millions of hits. The New York Times Most Searched Words and Phrases site also can help you narrow down hot keywords.

Marketing to Make Money WordPress Blogging
Marketing a WordPress blog is easy in practice, with social networking and blog advertising, but it’s hard to stand out from other blogs. Right now, there are millions of WordPress blogs. How can you compete with that? Content choice and keyword use come into play: search engine optimization is one of the best free ways to market any site. With WordPress, the options are no different from other blogs. You can use RSS feeds to bring in repeat visitors, and also use blog marketing companies like Digg and StumbleUpon to market every single post you write. These tools are a  must in blog marketing, and easy to use with WordPress blogs, hosted or otherwise.

Monetization to Make Money WordPress Blogging
Lastly, you won’t make thousands immediately from any WordPress blog, but more hits do mean more profit. It may take you a year or so to make money WordPress blogging from passive income, but it does work. Still, too many WordPress bloggers focus on filling their pages up with ads. Making money online is important, but so is your readers experience. They don’t want to see 10 ads on every page.  And by filling your blog with ads, you’re sending readers away when they do click.

And there are other ways to monetize a WordPress blog, namely selling products or services. If you do this, you might want to avoid using affiliate programs on your WordPress blog. This is a case where sending readers away could cost you money.

Getting more hits WordPress blogging comes from creating unique content, and  all other aspects fall into place afterward. You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway, but you do have to write all the time. Once you do, you’ll not only make money WordPress blogging, your blog will be read by millions.


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