3 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

It seems like everywhere we turn there is too much negativity and bad news in the world around us. Why not start making your world better by doing these simple random acts of kindness.

Say hello like you care.

Saying hello is such a simple thing, but it is not done nearly enough. Make it a point to make eye contact and say hello to at least two strangers everyday. A simple “good morning” or “good afternoon” as you walk by is all you need. Don’t forget to smile when you say it.

English: Peace button - Web 2.0 style

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Hold the door like you mean it.

It is common courtesy to hold the door for people as they are walking in or out of a building, but how many people do it, not because they care, but because they are obligated to? Hold the door like you mean it. Do not lean toward the door and hold it until the other person grabs it. Stand tall and hold the door until the other person is completely through the doorway. Make eye contact and smile. This is also a good opportunity to say hello.

Buy a coffee for a stranger.

When you are in line at the coffee shop, after paying for your coffee and getting your order, give the employee a five dollar bill and tell them to buy coffee for the person behind you. Tell him to keep the change as a tip. The cashier will likely have a puzzled look on their face and may not believe you. Smile and walk away. This also works well at tolls.

These simple acts of kindness will not bring world peace, but will make the world around you a better place. If enough people pay it forward you will improve the world for hundreds of people who you may never meet.


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