Some of The Best iPad-Related Sites

Do a search on iPad and you get around 2,190,000,000 results – yes that is right over 2 billion results. That would take even the most diligent of surfers a few lifetimes to get through. There is more useful, fun, informative, educational, shopping-related and utterly bogus sites about the iPad than politicians have excuses. The list presented here is by no means complete, but it does have a few of the primary players in the giant iPad game in the sky. They are in no particular order.

TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog: They’ve got it all in one easy to navigate package. The webmasters at TUAW work hard to bring the best app reviews, deals, event information, how to articles and videos, feature stories and anything else useful that an iPad owner could want – except maybe popcorn to eat while watching movies (email them maybe they will send you some). []

Apple Insider: On Wall Street, using insider information is illegal. For Apple users, it’s paradise. Apple Insider has noteworthy app reviews, a useful user forum where your questions are promptly answered, price guides for various products and the stores you can buy them, a comprehensive daily news feed and a place for users to submit their own news. []

iLounge: The iLounge started as a iPod focus site, but as of 2011 has become one of the largest iProduct sites on the Internet. Their slogan is “All Things iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Beyond” and the sheer volume of information on their site holds up to their lofty aspirations. []

iPad Academy: The iPad Academy prides itself on providing worthwhile information for iPad users. They have many articles with useful tips and tutorials, recent news, an accessories page and reviews of education apps. []

iPad Forums: This is a large forum of dedicated iPad users. There are of course general discussion threads where you can talk about anything from your favorite new game to the fact that your tomatoes have ripened early due to so much early summer sun. They have threads for international users, iPad developers, product reviews, wallpapers, games and just about anything anyone would ever want to talk about concerning the iPad and other Apple products. []

App Craver: Honestly who doesn’t crave apps? Sit around a table at any café or bar in any city with a bunch of iPad owners and you get to learn about all the newest and coolest apps. App Craver has them broken down into various categories with helpful reviews.

The iPad Fan: Notice that the URL of the site is “The” not just iPad Fan or “a” iPad Fan; the owners of this site believe that grammar is important. The site bills itself as a prolific site filled with app reviews, product updates, recent and upcoming news, with a special focus on iPad cases – maybe they are really under cover fashionistas posing as computer geeks! They will also do a personal review of apps you develop yourself. []

Apple: This one doesn’t take astrophysicist to figure out – Apple has their own corporate website with all kinds of useful information. Check it out. []


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