“Free Samples” Aren’t Free

The ads for “free samples” are impossible to avoid. They often appear as side-bars, sometimes as expensive banner ads and even as pop-ups. The pitch is very simple: You can receive a week’s (or month’s, or six week’s) supply of pills that will do X (thoroughly clean out your colon, burn fat while you sleep or some other unlikely or even physically impossible task). The hook: In order to receive this free sample, you have to provide a credit card number. The credit card will not be charged for your free sample, the reader is assured, but it is necessary for verification purposes. Continue reading


The Four Levels of Skateboard Sponsorship

When you’re first starting out with skateboarding, sponsorship can seem as far away as the moon. But, before you know it, you might just be banging out kickflips and heelflips at a rate that deserves at least a free skateboard every now and then. Continue reading

Learning To Accept and Love Your Bipolar Child

Every prospective mother hopes to have a healthy child. Usually, a mother is praying for physical health, but having a mentally ill child is just as devastating to a family. The very nature of a mental illness like bipolar disorder makes it difficult to accept the child who has the disease. After all, the symptoms of a bipolar child make them hard to parent and frustrating people to be around. It is, however, possible to learn to accept the child while still trying to eradicate the disease that plagues her. Continue reading

Save the Earth in Your Own Little Ways

Most people today are aware of the growing environmental problems brought on by the changing climate. As the Earth’s surface temperature increases, so does the threat to the planet and all creatures living in it. Normally, the excess heat should be properly released through the atmosphere, but because of the high levels of greenhouse gases that have accumulated over the years, the heat is trapped near the surface. Governments all over the world have started implementing strategies to combat the phenomenon of climate change but we can’t rely on them to save the planet. Instead, we as individuals should do all we can in order to contribute to solving the global warming problem. Here are some things you can begin doing on your own: Continue reading

3 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

It seems like everywhere we turn there is too much negativity and bad news in the world around us. Why not start making your world better by doing these simple random acts of kindness. Continue reading

Positive Affirmations – How Do You View the World?

When you look at your life, do you see the proverbial glass as half-full or half-empty? How you answer that question can have a profound impact on your life, your prospects and even your level of happiness. Those who are able to see the positive side even during the worst setbacks enjoy many advantages in life, and learning how to emulate these positive thinkers can be one of the most effective ways to improve your life. Continue reading