How To Use Twitter To Boost Web Traffic

Using Twitter to boost traffic to your website or blog has proven to be a powerful tool. However, there is more to driving traffic from Twitter than simply gathering a large number of followers and telling them to go to your website. Even with no more than a few hundred followers, you can use Twitter to gain more traffic.

The first, and most important, step is to have a specific article or blog post that you want to direct people to. Having a specific thing to say, no matter what the topic, will be more inviting to readers than asking them to just come to your website to check it out.

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You can send a general tweet out to your followers if you want. Most people advertise the title of their article and a link to the post. There is nothing really wrong with this, but it is highly ineffective. The chance that your followers will click on the link depend on a few things. Are they currently online? Is it a topic that they want to read about? Is the title inviting enough to get them to click the link?

One option, instead of simply tweeting the title of your article, is to tweet a quote from the article that is enticing and gives a little hint to what the article is about. Eliminate the title from the tweet altogether. This method is used in print all the time. When a magazine fills a block of white space with an interesting quote from the article surrounding it. This is put in place to get the reader to stop skimming long enough to read the article.

The advantage that Twitter has over Facebook when it comes to marketing is that you can expose your tweets to everyone on Twitter, not just your followers. Using hash tags will allow people following a specific topic to see what you are saying even if they do not follow you. This will not only draw traffic to your website but also opens the possibility to get new followers.

Whatever the topic of your blog there is more than likely at least one hash tag that will find you many people to talk to. Search a few hash tags that pertain to your article. Find a tag that has a lot of activity at the time you are tweeting. Inserting that tag into your tweet will possibly get people following your topic to click on your link, but do not stop there.

Scroll through the conversation and see if there is anyone you can talk directly to. Respond to what someone is saying. Answer someone’s question using your link. Do not spam people, but partake in conversation for a few minutes.

Continue to use hash tags and engage people on Twitter. This will bring people’s attention to your blog. It is important to remember that no one likes spam. Avoid pushing your link into people’s faces for no reason. It is also a good idea to limit your hash tags to two or three per tweet. A few words, a link, and twenty hash tags is a red flag for spam. Make your conversation real and convincing.


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