Attracting traffic to your site

Attracting traffic to your site is an extremely important task when creating a website. Regardless of whether your site is designed to make money, make you famous, make people laugh, or get a message out, without traffic your site may as well not be online. If no-one is visiting your site, you get no benefit from it. While optimising the site to attract traffic from search engines is the most efficient way to generate consistent traffic, some sites may not be able to move up the rankings, even though they have high quality content.

For sites like these, it is important to look for alternate traffic sources to attract visitors. Some websites and freelancers will offer paid traffic, however these types of traffic, while they appear to be a good solution on the surface, should generally be avoided. Paid traffic is rarely targeted, so it is very unlikely to convert into regular readers or sales. Often the traffic is generated by your site appearing in a pop up window when people visit a more popular website.

A popular source of traffic is sites such as Digg and Reddit, where people share links with each other. These sites are often used to pass around humorous links and viral content, but as long as your content is high quality, it should become popular and attract plenty of visitors. Bursts of traffic from these kind of sites, often known as “The Digg Effect” can lead to large numbers of regular readers.

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter can be excellent sources of traffic if used correctly. Building a following on either site means that you have a constant path of communication to your readers, and can provide updates as and when required. Building followers can be an arduous task, but it is well worth it to have the link to the fans of your website. As with traffic, paying for followers rarely leads to targeted followers, which in turn rarely convert to regular readers. If your site uses RSS feeds, you can set your Twitter or Facebook account to automatically post any updates, bringing new traffic every time.

While attracting traffic is important, keeping readers interested is key to a successful website, and ensuring that visitors return. For this reason, it is good practice to offer your visitors easy access to subscription options. Email subscription is always good to offer, as well as RSS subscription, or possibly a newsletter, to keep your readers informed.

Always remember – as long as you have a strong site with good content, and you’re willing to put some effort in to make it a success, you should have no problem with attracting visitors.


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