Five Famous Twitter Scandals

Many celebrities have been caught in scandals in the harsh light of Twitter, a popular social networking site.  The types of scandals in which they have been involved cover a wide range of types.  They include nasty comments, intimate photos mistakenly sent to the public and topless photos.  Some of the stars caught in the scandals are Lindsay Lohan, and Courtney Love.

The incidents affected the celebrities in various ways. Most suffered from public humiliation. Some celebrities have been so careless that they have actually been sued or threatened with legal action! Others lost lucrative advertising deals. Here are five famous Twitter scandals.

English: Courtney Love of Hole performing at S...

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Courtney Love

The singer and widow of Kurt Kobain, Courtney Love, has been criticised by fans a few times because of her tweets.  Fashion designer, Dawn Simorangkir, who sells her designs on Etsy, sued her for libel recently.  The designer accused Love of pursuing an ‘obsessional and delusional crusade’ against her after Love made nasty comments about her.  Love used abusive language and swore in the tweets directed at Simorangkir.

Courtney Love recently got into trouble on Twitter again.  She posted a semi-nude photo of herself on the social networking site.  She wrote that she was ‘done with Twitter’ after this.  The photo was ‘meant for a boyfriend’, Love wrote.

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...

Lindsay Lohan

The actress, Lindsay Lohan, also became involved in a Twitter incident.  She wrote that she was ‘bored’ so she was going through old photos.  She posted one of the photos, a topless photo, on Twitter. Her breasts were hidden because of blonde hair extensions.Lohan is also known for her drug addictions. She had to undergo rehabilitation for her drug problems recently. The medical staff apparently thought that her use of social networking added to her problems. She was reportedly banned from using Twitter so that she could ‘concentrate on herself’.

Kirstie Alley on the red carpet at the Emmys

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley took issue with people who disagreed with her opinions about Scientology and other topics on Twitter.  She called them ‘mean people’ and told them to ‘take a hike’.  This is apparently just one example of nasty comments by Alley on Twitter.

Alley was also involved in another Twitter feud.  She had an argument with talk show host, Joy Behar, on the social networking site.  Alley criticised the way in which Behar handled the topic of sports star, Tiger Wood’s infidelity.  Many Twitter users have disliked Alley’s use of abusive language on the site.

English: Perez Hilton at 2009 American Music A...

Perez Hilton

Blogger, Perez Hiton, also found himself caught in a Twitter scandal.  He criticised the actress, Demi Moore, for being a bad mother because she let her daughter wear revealing clothes. He posted photos of Moore’s daughter wearing these skimpy clothes on Twitter.

Demi Moore got very angry about the pictures being posted on Twitter. She fought with Hilton on Twitter over the photos. She criticised him for posting the photos.

Stephanie Louise Rice OAM (born 17 June 1988 i...

Stephanie Rice

The Australian swimming star found herself in deep trouble after a remark on Twitter. Many commentators criticised Rice for a comment that she made on Twitter after the Australian football team, the Wallabies, won a game against the Springboks in South Africa.  She called the South African team, ‘f**gots’.  This is regarded by many as a term of abuse against homosexuals.

Rice not only suffered from public humiliation.  She also lost a lucrative sponsorship deal with Jaguar. She also had to give up the Jaguar car that she was given by the brand.

Unfortunately, many Internet commenters agree that it is very easy to make mistakes on social networking sites.  After the ‘Reply’ or ‘Sent’ button is used, it is too late to do very much about photos or comments posted on Twitter. Although some of the celebrities involved in these Twitter scandals have apologised like Rice did, their tweets have affected their reputations badly, according to many gossip columnists.


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