Forward Thinking in the World of Domain Name Speculation

For domain name speculators, those people who buy, hoard, collect, barter, sell or invest in domain names, forward thinking is a necessity. Domain name investing and speculating is making people a lot of money, but it takes savvy and know-how to be successful.

The Forward Thinking of Gary Kremen

It all began with sex. Among the first domain names registered in the early days of the internet was The original creator, Gary Kremen, knew a good domain when he saw one back in 1994, but so did Stephen M. Cohen. According the the courts, Cohen fraudulently acquired through Kremen’s registrar one year after Kremen registered it. Cohen set up a website under the domain which reportedly grossed up to $500,000 per month thanks to the site’s 25 million readers per day the domain brought in. The men spent five years in court fighting over ownership and in the end, Kremen won back his domain, reselling it in 2006 for a reported $14 million, the highest price ever paid for a piece of internet real estate. Twelve years earlier, Kremen paid less than $100 to register the name. was bought by Escom LLC, but due to bankruptcy it had to be resold in 2010 for a reported $13 million. The present owner is Clover Holdings LTD.

3D Domains

When the buzz about 3D films and television as future entertainment mediums stirred people’s imaginations a few years ago, domain speculators started registering those 3D domain names. Domains like and are now worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. In  2010, 3D resold for over $25K and sold for just over $20K in the after-market. The leader of the 3D domains is simply, which until 2011 had been withering away as a parked domain since it was originally created and registered in 1994. has since moved to Sedo, one of the top resellers in the domain industry. It is expected to sell for seven figures, according to experts in the field.


People who foresaw a boom in mobile internet a few years ago, invested in some powerful keyword domains that included the word “Apps.”  An “App” is a short form for “application,” and is generally a web or software application accessed over the Internet.  “Apps” domains are now reselling for amounts in the thousands. There are still many possibilities with the the term “Apps”, and it not too late to pursue it as an investor.

Forward thinkers in the domain trade stay ahead of the pack by paying attention to the news in cutting-edge technology, science, and research. They keep their eyes on pop culture, design trends and ideas to learn what people are looking for and what they are buzzing about. Today, domain name speculation requires a considerable amount of money. Few domains sell in the aftermarket, and the majority of those that do sell don’t earn thousands or even hundreds of dollars. It requires skill, experience, and courage to build a domain portfolio of great value.

Domain Names for Sale

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