Three Advantages of Facebook’s Timeline

After much hype, Facebook has rolled out its new Timeline feature, revamping profile pages more dramatically than ever before. Every time Facebook changes a feature, users across the globe complain. However, the cutting-edge social networking site is ever-evolving, so users shouldn’t be surprised by these regular updates. Timeline allows users to provide more content about their life on their profile page, which might be appealing to some and worrisome to others. The new profile look does offer a few distinct advantages.

More Design Freedom

Facebook’s Timeline now gives users the ability to display two photos at the top of the page. In addition to the current profile picture, users can also choose a cover photo, which is a larger photo that sits at the top of the page. The profile picture is much smaller, sitting in the lower-left corner of the cover photo. Users might choose to stick with a personal photo for their profile picture, but they can be more creative with the cover photo. A scenic landscape from a past vacation or a family portrait gives users the ability to share more about themselves through photos. Both the cover photo and profile picture are public, even if the rest of the profile is private, so users should choose something they are comfortable with the Facebook world seeing.

Easier Access to Older Posts

As its name implies, the new profile page includes a timeline. Here, users—and their friends—can click on a different year to see the user’s posts from that year. This feature makes past posts more accessible than they were before. In the past, when posts would drop off the profile page, it was a hassle to pull them up again. Now, users can look back on their Facebook activity more easily.

Improved Organization

Overall, the Timeline is a better organized Facebook profile. All of the user’s information sits beneath the cover photo, allowing friends to learn more about the user more easily. Friends can easily discover where users live and work and where they went to school. They can see what their friends have “liked” on Facebook and the places they have checked into from their mobile device. They can also see their friends in this space and find out how many friends they have in common. While none of this information is new to the profile page, it is far easier to access using the Timeline. Friends can get a quick overview of other users by quickly glancing at the top of their page rather than clicking from tab or tab or looking on the left sidebar for information.


Being averse to change seems popular among Facebook users, but they should give Timeline a chance. This redesign makes information more usable and accessible. Users still control what goes on their page and who can see their content. In fact, Timeline even offers a seven-day window where users can review past posts and hide anything they want from the Timeline. This editing feature is worth using because information users posted as college students five years ago might not be appropriate for their present-day business colleagues to see. Soon, all profile pages will switch to the Timeline, so there’s no avoiding it. Embrace the change, and enjoy the walk down memory lane.


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