Simple Guide: How to Photograph

Taking good quality photos can seem like a daunting task, but once you know the basic tips any beginner photographer with the determination to effectively capture life through photos can transform into a creative camera expert.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in to your chosen subject. Forcing the viewer to confront the subject will inevitably heighten its power, making it more likely that the viewer shall be as awed and overwhelmed by the subject in the photograph as you were when you were photographing it. Keeping the background as plain as possible shall also maximise the emphasis of the subject.

It is a common misconception for aspiring photographers that a subject needs to be central focus for it to be the main focal point; this assumption is essentially false. Sliding your subject off-centre can actually draw more attention to it! Let the eyes of the viewer search round the photo first before resting ultimately on the subject, making the photo more appealing and bringing it to life.

Never ignore the light; the direction, intensity and effects of light on your subjects can be the difference between capturing that cheery summer day and unintentionally photographing what resembles a scene from a horror movie. Be aware of where the light is coming from and move accordingly to achieve the results you want.

Intimate and inviting photos, especially with younger children and animals, can be achieved by simply getting down to eye-level before clicking the camera. The angle of the photograph will create a more personal photo, so do not worry if your subject is not staring directly at the camera. Don’t forget to lock the focus first either or else any photo attempts will be blurred and look unprofessional.

Now you have all the essential tools and tips you need to begin snapping those shots like a professional… so get photographing today!



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