What is an Electronic Cigarette

At first glance, an electronic cigarette looks just like the real thing, with the same basic size and shape. But when you look closer, you will see that electronic cigarettes have neither the smoky discharge nor the unpleasant aroma of traditional cigarettes.

Those subtle differences are important to both smokers and those trying to quit. Electronic cigarettes give smokers a friendly alternative to other tobacco products, allowing them to hang out with friends and coworkers without the fear of second hand smoke or passersby taking offense.

English: Two electronic cigarette models. Self...

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For those trying to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes can provide an important bridge between traditional cigarettes and a tobacco-free lifestyle. Switching to electronic cigarettes gives those who wish to quit a powerful alternative to quitting cold turkey, and often a great shot at success as well.

That is because electronic cigarettes effectively simulate the sensation and the flavor of smoking, and often the nicotine delivery as well. The control afforded by electronic cigarettes allows smokers to slowly wean themselves off of tobacco, allowing them to finally give up the habit with fewer side effects and greater success.

One of the things that makes the electronic cigarette such a powerful stop smoking tool is that it so effectively simulates every aspect of smoking a real cigarette. Smokers can still hold a cigarette in their hands, and they can even inhale the flavor, all without second hand smoke or the chemicals typically found in tobacco products. Studies have shown that the physical aspects of smoking play an important role in this powerful addiction, and that seems to suggest that electronic cigarettes can be very effective for those who want to stop smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are also good for those who want to continue to smoke without putting their family members at risk. The health hazards associated with second hand smoke are well established, from higher rates of asthma to lung cancer and breathing disorders. By eliminating the risk of second hand smoke, electronic cigarettes allow smokers to protect their families even if they choose to continue smoking.

The market for electronic cigarettes has been exploding recently, as many smokers turn to this alternative to stop smoking and protect their families. Electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste just like the real thing, and that no doubt accounts for their widespread appeal.


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