How Millions Around the World Make Money Online: Freelance Writer Tipsheet

The Internet is packed with information, and people are needed to create web content. You can become a freelance writer, SEO writer or web content writer. You can work anywhere in the world, not just from home, so long as you have access to the Internet and have writing ability. Here’s what you can do to get started with telework as a freelance writer.

Showcase Writing Portfolio Online
Many freelance writing projects require either submitting on demand samples or URLs to sample work. Conduct market research to find the best free website service and blog service for archiving work samples. Pick about 2 primary websites and blog services. For example, compare,,,, and Google Sites. Google’s Blogger and WordPress are highly ranked blog sites. WordPress, however, does not allow bloggers to monetize blogs using free accounts, or to embed multimedia.

Besides creating your own portfolio strategy or website, you can showcase writing by using websites such as and You can also market by submitting writing to free articles directories such EzineArticles and ArticlesBase.

PayPal Register
If you have a PayPal account, you are ahead of the Internet game. If you have yet to sign up with PayPal, do so promptly. You might want to set up a unique email account specifically for freelance writing jobs. This email address should then be added to PayPal. Allow enough time for PayPal time to confirm your bank account ownership if you intend to receive direct deposits.

Sign up with Content Providers
Freelance writers may work for a company that hires freelancers to produce web content. These companies act essentially as literary agents or brokers. Among content provider companies, ranks high on Other freelance article writing services are DemandStudios,, Content Current, Constant-Content,, Demand Studios, Break,,,,,,,,,,, and The Content Writers accept client writing assignments, often by accessing online bulletin boards, and by direct request of clients within the content management system.

Join Consultant Networks
Freelance writers can join other freelancers by registering with consultant networks like,, Elance, SoloGig, oDesk, and Among popular creative talent websites is crowdSPRING.

Sign up with Web Content Platforms
Another variation of working for others is to write for platforms providing content databases. There are no definite freelance jobs from clients. Instead, websites that rely on user-generated content are themselves the clients. HubPages; Squidoo; Suite101; Orato;  Triond;; Flixya;;;;;;;;;;  and Bukisa are websites that provide content to the public and share a percentage of ad revenue with their freelance writers. Other sites such as Associated Content, Helium and Factoidz provide their writers’ network variable rates of shared ad revenue and also offer third party client writing assignments.

Working Solo
After free websites and blogs are developed, use them for soliciting projects, posting blog writing, and for Google AdSense. SocialSpark; PayPerPost;;; The Workflow Network;;;; Work-at-home Job Listings (;;;;;;;;;;;  Blog2Print;; (Content Creation forum);  Amazon Mechanical Turk ( and ReviewStream can also provide solo work.

When accessing Mechanical Turk, the following keywords produce relevant tasks: write, article, review, data, blog, survey, post, transcribe, answer, content, edit, facebook, and twitter.

Problogger, a top-ranked site, offers invaluable tips and resources, including freelance leads. Join 3,500 plus writers via Yahoo Group payingwriterjobs. includes resources, links, tools, agent directories, and tips on avoiding scams. The offers publishing industry insider information along with its PublishersLunchJobBoard. For those interested in contest sites, try, and (songwriting).

Useful SEO Tools
In addition to using free Google SEO tools such as AdWords and Google Trends to optimize writing, SEO writers can use WordStream and

You can become a freelance writer. Register for PayPal. Sign up with content providers. Join consultant networks. Sign up with web content platforms. Work solo. Use SEO tools. Make money online.


2 thoughts on “How Millions Around the World Make Money Online: Freelance Writer Tipsheet

  1. This is great advice! I wish more people knew how it easy it was to get started as a freelance writer online. While it requires the right skills and can’t be done by just anyone, it’s a great option for someone who wants to go into business for themselves but doesn’t have the startup capital for a traditional business.

  2. Nice tips for people to consider if they want to get started in freelance writing, but who don’t necessarily have a prospective client base and who might not have the opportunity to get out in the community to network & build face-to-face business relationships. Like writefromhome said, not everyone has what it takes to write well, but for those who do, you’ve provided some great resources.

    One caution to share: A good many of the projects on the content providers’ and consultant networks’ sites don’t pay well at all. I don’t use any of them for that reason, but if you’re looking to build up your portfolio so you can charge respectable rates later, they can be an effective stepping stone.

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