Five Tips for Business Blogging

Are you looking to start a blog but don’t know where to begin? These five tips will help you successfully write an engaging blog and drive readers to your website!

1. Simplicity is key.
Think about who your audience is. Most people who are reading blogs and articles on the internet are looking for something short and sweet. If your blog post is too wordy, people are going to skip right over it, regardless of how good the content is. Keep it short and simple and you’ll attract more readers. You want readers to glean the most important information by skimming the post, while interesting them enough that they want to read the entire thing!

2. Relevant information is crucial.
If you enjoy cooking or gardening, don’t write about website design! Writing what you know will always mean you’ll be more successful than if you’re writing what you think people want to read. If you have a few topics you are considering writing about, try writing blog posts about each one. See which one feels most comfortable, or which one you have the most to say about, and continue in that vein!

3. Blogs must be error free.
Never rush to write a blog post if it means you won’t have time to edit it. A single typo or grammatical error could drive traffic away from your site, as people may assume you don’t know what you’re talking about. Accidentally writing “alot” instead of “a lot” may mean you’ll lose out on a lot of readers.

4. Use social media to your advantage.
Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be excellent ways to drive more people to your blog. Take advantage of the people who “like” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter. After you’re written your blog entry, post a catchy summary or the title to your Twitter feed or Facebook page. Others who read it and find it interesting are likely to re-post or re-tweet, driving even more readers to your site.

5. Enjoy yourself.
Never forget that when you enjoy what you’re writing, others will enjoy reading it. Chances are, you’re blogging about something that you’re passionate about. And if you’re not, you should be! Use your passion to your advantage, and it will help get others as excited about your topic as you are. Write your passion first, and the rest will come naturally!


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