Color Trends for 2012: Wedding dresses

Whether you tie a knot in the spring, or make it down the shop, you will be right in style with the hottest color trends in bridal gowns in 2012.

Traditional White – You can never go wrong with a traditional white dress. Pure white bridal gown has long been a must for many brides. Pair a white dress with gold or silver accents for a simply stunning effect. For an extra splash of color, add a bold arch in your favorite color.

Dreamy Cream – If you’re the type who prefers not to be too conventional, but still want to retain a sense of tradition, creating a vision of beauty with a cream-colored dress. Cream-colored bridal dresses can be paired with gold or pearl accents for a dramatic effect that will not soon be forgotten.

Blushing Bride – While it was once considered taboo to deviate too far from tradition with a dress that was not at least some shade of white, the brides this season, choosing wedding dresses in pink and blush shades like a fabulous fashion statement. A blush-colored gown looks fascinating, with a string of old beads or your grandmother’s silver pendant.

Sea-Foam Green – For a sensational splash of stylish colors, a pair of sea-foam green gown with almost any accent. This color nicely with gold, silver, pearls or neutral shades. A sea-foam green wedding dress is an ideal choice for a beach theme or eco-friendly wedding.


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