Fashion Consultants Are Here For You

For many people in the world today, their English: Fashion model Raica Oliveira walking ...image is their signature: it’s something unique, utterly their own, and something that they put time and effort into perfecting. A sense of fashion comes naturally to some people and they manage to effortlessly piece together a great ensemble for any occasion. Other people have a harder time knowing what shoes to wear with what shirt or what belt goes best with which colors. For those who are clueless about couture, fashion consultants are here for you.

Fashion and wardrobe consultants work in department stores, retail chains, image consultant agencies and also gain business through word-of-mouth. They help clients and customers improve their image as well as their self-esteem and in some cases even their relationships with business partners, spouses and clients. Fashion consultants focus on styles, colors, accessories and even hair and make up. They know what style of jacket best accentuates a client’s body type and what kind of pants and slacks goes best with their waistline and legs.

In order to be a successful fashion consultant you must have an excellent eye for fashion and be current on the most recent trends. Tact and taste also go hand-in-hand in this business. Being able to cater successfully to a variety of body types is paramount as well as knowing how not to intentionally or unintentionally hurt a client’s feelings or make them feel embarrassed about how their body looks. After all, it’s your job to make them look great no matter how short, overweight, tall or skinny they are. Being a social butterfly and an avid shopper are also wonderful tools to have.

The usual tasks of a fashion consultant are:
-Meet with clients to discuss their current wardrobe
-Offer examples of possible new looks, accessories and styles
-Help clients organize their closets
-Demonstrate make-up, hair and accessories
-Host private consultations and large parties
-Meet with clients every season or once a year to help keep their style fresh

The day-to-day schedule for a fashion consultant differs according to the needs of the client. They could either be out shopping or going to a client’s house. Usually they don’t spend too much time behind the desk unless they are taking care of administrative duties or making phone calls.

Being a fashion consultant is an undoubtedly an exciting job. You feel good about helping people feel good about them and the way that they look. In addition, you help people discover a new side of themselves that they might never knew existed.


One thought on “Fashion Consultants Are Here For You

  1. For those who are clueless about couture, fashion consultants are here for you.
    It is good to know because sometimes we can get stuck for ideas and actually start to loose some our self esteem. Those are the moments when we would need a fashion consultant to help gain our confidence back.

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