How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website For Free

Well internet is the place where everyone is free to do everything and anything he or she wants. It is not monopolized by some one except a few; you know who I am talking about. So everyone can create his or her website and display just anything he or she wants on it. You get ad revenue, fame, satisfaction etc. But there is one prerequisite for all of these rewards. Good traffic to your website. Well we all know that for good traffic we need to have good content but what if you don’t get good page views even after having handpicked content?

Here are some ways you could get free page views and marketing to your website:

 1. Ezine
As you have pretty good hand written articles on your website you could submit them to ezine. It is an article directory in which you can submit your article with your websites link in the end. This way you will have good back links and therefore your will have higher page rank. You can expect some traffic from that website but remember not to expect it all from one article only. You need to have at least 10 to begin with and then maybe weekly 2-3 should be submitted. Your content will be not put on sale there.

2. Orkut communities
Well we all know that orkut communities are quite popular and are frequently visited by its members to check its posts. Join 10 of these communities related to your websites concept. And start posting threads on them with good topics and content with a link to your website. If done correctly and creatively you can expect 100 visitors from the website daily. But you have to post new threads on the website again and again so that your threads stay on the top.

3. Twitter and Facebook
Got many friends on Facebook or many followers on Twitter? Keep posting statuses related to your website or small snippets of your articles with a link to your website on them. Trust me you will get many of your friends who are likely to be like-minded to join your websites or become recent visitors to your website.

4. Small forums
Join forums that are related to your websites concept and start posting quality content there with your back link. Beware some forums wont allow that. Have your websites link in your signature on forums. You can also showcase it in many forums that have a section for website showcase.

5. Free Directories
Submit it to as many free directories you can. As you submit them your back links increase and therefore you will get better page rank.

Well these tricks will get you many visitors but they won’t get you the same ones coming back again and again. Therefore you need to have unique content in your website and also have to keep updating your website again and again with new content. Once you have started firmly don’t worry about marketing, word of mouth will do its job.


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