Commercial Cleaning Franchises That Cost Less Than $50k

Franchise AdWhen Entrepreneur magazine published its 2011 list of Top Home-Based Franchises, commercial cleaning companies occupied six out of the top ten spots.  Commercial cleaning companies provide a stable market, simple product offerings, and low overhead expenses. In addition, an entry-level workforce means minimal training and recruiting costs.

A Stable Market

Even in an economic downturn, businesses and private sector entities need commercial cleaning services. Commercial accounts are also perpetual, which means steady business for more risk-averse entrepreneurs. In addition, the business is easily scalable based on demand.

Simple Service Offerings

Some cleaning services may vary their services by offering an environmentally friendly package as opposed to a traditional package. In most cases, however, services are the same for most buildings and are easy for customers to understand. Cleaning companies also have simple pricing models. Customers will be charged a flat rate for services or will be charged by the hour.

Low Overhead Expenses

Cleaning companies have predictable ongoing costs that include cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. Franchise owners do not have to make major equipment purchases or stock up on inventory. Also, a cleaning business can easily be run from home, which means no additional expenses for office staff and associated overhead costs.

Minimal Training and Recruiting Expenses

While valuable employees are always in short supply, commercial cleaning franchise owners will not be searching for workers with specialized skills and high salary demands. The skill set is basic, and the job is straightforward. Employers must simply make sure that their workforce understands the skills required and acts professionally by showing up consistently and on time.

The Winning Companies

Bonus Building Care

While most of its locations are in the Midwest, Bonus Building Care is currently looking to expand its franchises to locations around the United States. Entrepreneurs can buy into the Bonus Building Care franchise for just $7,500, and the company provides training either online, at the franchisee’s location or at Bonus Building Care’s home office.

CleanNet USA

CleanNet USA was founded in 1987. This franchise began by providing cleaning services in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Like Bonus Building Care, CleanNet is a regional business that is now looking to grow in all areas of the United States. Entrepreneurs must have a net worth of at least $10,000, and at least $5,000 in liquid cash.  Franchise fees start at just $2,950.

Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l, Inc.

Jan-Pro’s recent “Cleaning Greener” initiative utilizes cleaning products with fewer chemicals, which matters to people who are concerned about the environment. The company concentrates its basic services offices, gyms, churches, banks, schools, and car dealerships. Franchisees should expect startup costs beginning in the $3,000 range.  Jan-Pro also requires a net worth of $1,000 to $14,000, and requires $1,000 in liquid cash.


System4 offers one-day seminars in addition to three days of training at the franchisee’s location so that new owners can learn how the company works.  Ongoing meetings, as well as field evaluations help entrepreneurs to continue learning about the business. Franchise fees for System4 start at $4,440. Franchisees must have a net worth of $3,000 and liquid cash totaling $2,500.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems offers a Master Franchise program for experienced business owners and a Unit Franchise program for new entrepreneurs.  Vanguard also provides two weeks of training at either corporate headquarters or regional offices.  Startup costs range from $7,650 to $37,000, and franchisees need to have between $2,800 and $9,000 in liquid cash.

High unemployment rates are forcing workers to look away from the traditional job market and toward generating their own opportunities. Buying a low-cost, home-based commercial cleaning franchise may set new entrepreneurs on the path back to financial independence.  Best of all, franchisees will enjoy the freedom of working for themselves.


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