Why Did My Facebook Friend Unfriend Me?

Thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook, it is now possible to connect and keep in touch with literally hundreds of friends and family members across the miles, or even from across the road. Empty nesters can check up on their children who have just left home, and you can stay up to date on what your best friend has been up to. Unfortunately, Facebook can sometimes bring out the worst in people. If your Facebook friend has “unfriended” you, it can take you by surprise and leave you wracking your brains trying to work out why you were deleted.

Was This Person Really a Friend?

While Facebook can help connect real friends and family and keep them updated on what is going on in their everyday lives, it also makes it easier to form ties with people you have never even met.

If you were just one of many “friends” on this person’s list, were you really considered a true friend? Or were you simply viewed as an easy way to reach their goal of 2,000 friends? It is much easier to sever ties with people that you do not have any real, personal attachment to.

Your Friend is Breaking Up with You

Ending a friendship face to face is just not an option for many people. Even sending a text message is seen as too confrontational, as it lets the other person know how you feel, even though it is not done face to face. But unfriending a person on Facebook is less confrontational and if you have a long friend’s list, it can take days to work out that you have been deleted.

By the time you realise that your friend’s daily updates are no longer visible to you, they have already quietly slipped away without so much as a goodbye. Discovering that you are no longer on your friend’s Facebook list can come as quite a shock when reality sets in, especially if it comes with no warning.

Your Friend Wants to Hide What They Are Up To

If your friend is in the habit of candidly revealing what they have been up to, but they know you will not approve of their latest exploits, an easy option is to unfriend you from Facebook and then block you from checking on their status updates and posts altogether. Such “friends” were not real friends to begin with, which is why it is important to not let it get you down when you discover what has happened.

Facebook serves many great purposes and can help keep genuine friends and family members connected. But Facebook can also make ending friendships less confrontational and obvious. If your friend has deleted you from Facebook, it can come as a shock, but it may be for the best.

By Sophie S


5 thoughts on “Why Did My Facebook Friend Unfriend Me?

  1. The first time a friend “unfriend” me on Facebook, I was hurt. Later I realized that it was because he was having so many revealing exploits and I happen to be also a friend of his wife. Though I am not to say anything, I guess he thought it best that I am out of the loop.

  2. You’re totally right about these things. I also find annoying those people who LIKE EVERYTHING, even if it’s “My dog just died”. What’s to like about THAT?! I just hide them in the news feed.

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