Amsterdam’s Round Blue Teahouse

Located in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, the Round Blue Teahouse is a relaxing and cozy place to kick back with tea or beer in spite of its seating for at least seven hundred people. This unique city attraction was built in 1937 and is made of concrete, steel, and glass. The building’s upper terrace overlooks the park and is filled with lovely views.

© Helio Duarte

The building’s design features three rings built one atop the other. Many think that the teahouse resembles a flying saucer. Nevertheless, this Modernist venue attracts throngs of people with its indoor and outdoor seating. The pavilion’s outside seating section is heated during cool weather, making the Round Blue Teahouse a popular meeting place throughout the year.

Blauwe Theehuis 1

The menu features savory dishes as well as sweets and various beverages like tea, coffee, and beer. Sandwiches are available on the menu as well. Cappuccino and cake are popularly ordered and enjoyed on the terraces. Moreover, prices are reasonable and draw many regulars. On weekends, there is also entertainment.

© Helio Duarte

Vondelpark, established during the nineteenth century, is also one of the city’s attractions. Strolling through this green oasis of the city is a favorite pastime for many. When visiting this picturesque park, be sure to make a stop for tea at the Round Blue Teahouse. Take your tea or coffee on the go and enjoy the park’s outdoor theatre or gaze at the outdoor sculpture like Picasso’s Fish (1965). The park’s playground and film museum are also pleasant places to savor your Round Blue Teahouse espresso.


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