SEO Scammers – Pitfalls to Avoid

Is your website falling short of your expectations?  Are you thinking about hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) company to give your ratings a boost? There are thousands of SEO companies out there more than willing to take your money. But can they really deliver?

As with everything else in life, the world of SEO is full of scammers. Here are some eye-openers when looking for a company to boost your traffic.

Company Offers a Guaranteed Number of Google First Page Rankings

And there’s some prime swampland in Florida they’d also like to sell you.

First of all, there is a difference between page rank and SERPs (search engine ranking page). Page rank is a numeric value that signifies Google’s assessment of each webpage on your site and quality backlinks are a key. Page rank does not determine placement in SERPs on its own but works in combination with 200 plus other factors, keywords being another known crucial aspect of the total algorithm.

The truth is nobody can guarantee a Google page rank or SERP. Your pages speak for themselves and if they don’t, html adjustments by your webmaster can make a world of difference. Changes will be picked up the next time your site is indexed by the search engines.

Company Offers to Submit Your Website to Hundreds of Search Engines

Hundreds? How many can you think of? About seventy percent of people in the U.S. use Google and twenty percent use Yahoo. The other ten percent is divided.

Major search engines actually advise against submissions as their crawlers will get to your site when they get there, and this is often fairly quickly. Also be aware that many times the “search engines” your site is being submitted to are spam centers that will bury you alive in emails. Not a pretty picture.

Company Offers Directory Links For Dollars

While it’s well-known that links are an important part of the ratings process, what is less understood is that link quality is paramount. Linking to any of the hundreds of online link farms is not only a waste of money but can result in search engine penalties.

Company Claims to Know Google’s Secret Algorithm

Google’s algorithm is guarded perhaps as carefully as the crown jewels, handled by a team of engineers and updated several times a week. Unless you’ve managed to find a clairvoyant with Einstein’s brain capacity, then you might already know as much as the expert who wants your business.

Additional Things to Be Aware Of

Cloaking is used by some SEO companies to provide the search engine crawlers with keyword rich, quality pages only the crawlers can see. If you hire an SEO company, make it clear that you won’t accept cloaking on your site. Otherwise, this unethical method will eventually be discovered and your IP address and domain name will be banned.

SEO email scams are on the rise. SEO companies that resort to spam should tell you everything you need to know about the character and quality of the company.

As with any endeavor, care should be exercised when hiring someone to boost your website. A little common knowledge can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary expense and unethical practice. The ball is ultimately in your court. Stay ahead of the game.

By Stacey Winchester



3 thoughts on “SEO Scammers – Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Very impressed with the information provided. Its a tough challenge to be SEO. If a guy could figure out a way to drive traffic to their site it would automatically rank up on Google and the likes by sheer volume of hits.

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