Portugal Golf Guide

Portugal is famous for its golf courses, with long hours of sunlight, a mild ocean climate, and stunning scenery. Variety also abounds when playing on a coastline course in the famous Algarve region, on one of the Portuguese islands, or further up the coast to the northern part of Portugal.

At the southernmost tip of Portugal lies the Algarve region, which boasts some of the finest golf courses in Europe. Along the coastline of Algarve you will find top quality courses, lush resorts and posh hotels, creating golf vacations as the itinerary. With a mild climate all year long, golfers can easily plan to spend several days in this region, and groups are seen often. A good tip to know is that while the most famous courses are on the western half of the Algarve coastline, the eastern half courses are less expensive and top-notch. Two examples of the less crowded and more affordable eastern courses are Quinta da Cima Golf Club and Monte Rei, for comparison. The Algarve coastline offers around 50 professional and championship courses.

Directly west of Algarve is the island of Madeira, which also offers premiere and championship golf courses and a local airport. Because of its size, Madeira Island does not have as many courses as the mainland, but has that lush, tropical feel that only an island can capture. Madeira is an island of mountains, surrounded by blue ocean, and famous for its wine – Madeira wine. Luxury hotels abound, and breathtaking scenery is the backdrop for a round of golf.

Further north along the Atlantic coast is the Lisbon region, where there are almost two dozen courses in areas surrounding the city of Lisbon. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has a dozen courses easily accessible to the city, which is seeped in history and charm. One of those courses is thought to be Portugal’s most difficult, according to both amateur and professional golfers. The Lisbon region has several courses, which line the coast, north of the city itself, and those have all the amenities you would expect on the ocean.

Two hours from Lisbon, and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. A group of nine volcanic islands, nestled in the warmth of the gentle Gulf Stream currents, ensures moist and sunny weather – not hot! The Azores is world famous for their breathtaking scenery, perfect climate, pollution-free air and soil, and is one of the healthiest regions on earth. You will find three year-round golf courses here, two of which are championship standard.

Traveling north of Lisbon encompasses the regions of Oporto, also called Porto, which houses six golf courses. One of those, the Oporto Golf Course, is the second oldest course in Europe. Porto is considered the northern part of Portugal for golfers, and is more mountainous with a slightly cooler climate and more hardwood trees. Golfers from the United Kingdom and cooler climates many times prefer to golf in these surroundings, foregoing warmer days and ocean breezes.



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