Traveling to Europe

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people choose to make a trip across the ocean to visit the European continent. Europe is a very vast and holds a very diverse amount of countries within it, from the mountainous Alpine region of Austria, to Scandinavian fjords, many people who do choose to travel have the time of a lifetime, and also have a very difficult time deciding what to see and what countries to visit.

Those who prefer things a little out of the norm would be best off going to a destination that they may not have heard very much about. Some European countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia are not commonly spoken of as a tourist destination, but hold more of the culture and less crowds than destinations such as Italy or France. For example, Croatia’s coastal region of Split holds many ruins left over from the Roman Empire, and Serbia has a castle in its capital city Belgrade from the fifteenth century.

Scandinavian Pavilion

Many people who wish to explore a region with a bit more tourism, but still see common destinations such as Athens, Venice and Rome a bit too touristy would find themselves at home in countries such as Germany and Scandinavia. Germany has many regions that would please the majority of travelers, especially those with a strong interest in history. Scandinavia and Finland are perfect destinations for those who want to see examples of mankind co-existing perfectly with nature.

Still, there are those who still would prefer to experience destinations that are primarily tourist destinations, such as Paris and Rome, but wish to do so in such a way that they actually experience the culture rather than seemingly view the city or country they are visiting. Travelers who wish to do this would find themselves better off staying away from chain restaurants, tours, lavish hotels and even places that offer a bi-lingual menu. Taking chances of getting lost, ordering unrecognizable local cuisine, and risking the possibly not seeing every tourist sight and truly experiencing the region instead of viewing it will make a normal vacation turn into the adventure of a lifetime.


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