One of a Kind Portuguese Handicrafts

Handicrafts are one of the biggest sellers in Portugal. Many tourists purchase these handmade items to bring home with them, display in their homes because they are unique to the area, and have a certain charm that cannot be found anywhere else. There are many different types of handicrafts that local Portuguese merchants make, but the most popular to date is pottery. Here are some of the types of crafts that many locals make and tourists love to buy. 

Because clay is a natural resource, creating pottery is the natural thing to do with it. Whether you are looking for vases, coffee mugs, or urns, mostly every type of pottery you can imagine can be found in Portugal. After these pieces have been hand crafted, they are often designed with traditional Portuguese designs. Many people opt to purchase full sets of dinnerware while they are there because to purchase it anywhere else would be expensive. Dinnerware often includes a full set of dinner plates, saucers, cups and bowls featuring intricate designs in a myriad of colors.


Linens are very popular in Portugal as well. Hand crafted linens such as beach towels, sarongs, tapestries and other things like tablecloths and scarves or shawls are very nice to have. These are one of a kind designs that many of the women will sit down and work on together. These intricate designs are all done by hand; therefore, they are one of a kind due to the intricacies and personalities of each person.

Cork is a type of wood that is a natural resource in Portugal. Because of this, many cool items can be found that are made of this interesting wood. Carved designs such as bulls, roosters, buildings and other figures can be found at many of the street vendors as well as shops. Other items that many of the street vendors sell include cork purses, jewelry and picture frames as well.

Library of Coimbra University, Portugal

Many people travel from all over the world to pick up some of these tiles for their home. Whether they are creating a mural with these decorative tiles or they want to add a little Portuguese flavor to their home, these tiles are hand painted and created from the same clay that most of the pottery in Portugal comes from.


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