Tips for Bidding on Priceline

Everyone wants to save money these days, and it is no different with travel arrangements. Traveling gets very Image representing Priceline as depicted in Cr...expensive very quickly, so it is important to save money wherever possible. Priceline is one great bidding site that allows users to save hundreds of dollars on airfare, hotels, and car rental individually or on vacation packages. While this will put a good deal of money back into your pocketbook, there are some great tips to save even more money while using the site.

1. Ignore the ‘helpful’ bidding hints. Often, the site will offer to allow you to rebid without changing your parameters – if you raise the bid by a certain dollar amount. This usually means that you are extremely close to a winning price. Add a free rebid zone and begin adding just a dollar or two at a time to your bid.

2. Bid as early as you can. As soon as you have concrete plans for your travel or vacation, begin bidding. You can do this up to 11 months before the date that you are to leave. However, you might get much better deals by beginning your bids one week to one month before you will be checking in. Hotels usually hold their discounted rooms back until closer to the date. Just don’t wait until too close to your plans, or you might end up with a higher price.

3. Begin by bidding on hotels with high star ratings. If you begin bidding on just two-star hotels, Priceline automatically checks with all star ratings for the amount that you bid, and you can’t rebid by changing the star rating when you get declined even if you wish to bid higher. If you begin with four or five stars, though, you can rebid on lower ratings right away.

4. Book only one night, even if you plan to stay for a few nights. When your bid is accepted, the site allows you to add more nights at the same price.

5. Ignore the ‘recent winning bids’ that the site shows you. This is simply Priceline trying to get you to bid the prices that they want you to bid. You can do a bit of research in bidding forums and find the prices that certain hotels really go for.


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