Top on Page SEO Tips for WordPress Users

WordPressThis article explores at the main on page SEO techniques for WordPress users and explains how to implement these simple strategies. By using keyword phrases effectively in the title of the article and also strategically placed within the content of the article ensures successful writing. Emphasizing certain elements, for example using bold, underlining and italics ensures an improved ranking from major search engines. Permalink structure and the right keyword density can impact on your content and how it is received by the search engines. Also included is information explaining plugins for WordPress which can instantly improve on page SEO.

WordPress users who are serious about blogging or making money online can easily implement simple strategies to ensure that each page has the right mixture of on page SEO.

 Ways to implement basic on page SEO techniques.
Basic on page SEO strategies include using the following points;

  1. Using keyword phrase in the title of the article, preferably first.
  2. In the first paragraph of the article use ‘bold’ on the keyword phrase.
  3. Using the keyword phrase as the last words in a sentence at the end of the article then using ‘italics’ on the keyword phrase.
  4. Although optional, ‘underlining’ the keyword phrase within the content can also improve on page SEO.

By including these elements of bolding, italicizing and underlining, the keyword phrase will stand out to the Google bots and spiders that will analyse the website content. By following these simple steps the keyword phrase will have the best chance of ranking well in the search engines.

Ways to improve the article title for on page SEO.
Permalink structuring is essential for effective SEO. Many WordPress bloggers do not consider this to be important factor; however, setting the permalink structure will make article title stand out to the search engines.

To adjust your permalink settings go to the dashboard of your WordPress blog and go to the settings area. Click on permalinks in the top section, this area shows an area called “common settings”. Select the “custom structure” button and add the following code; /%postname%/.

By following this step the bots and spiders that assess the website and will inform the search engines to prioritise the article title rather than the whole domain name.

What is the best keyword density?
Most WordPress blog users know that keyword density is important to the overall content on the page. There are many variations to this rule; however most successful bloggers say that between 2% and 4% is optimal keyword density.

Simply explained, this means the main keyword phrase for the article should be used only four times for every hundred words. In most cases using the keyword phrase two times every hundred words is enough. It is important to bear in mind that the article title and subtitles will also be counted as keyword density.

Ways to use WordPress plugins to improve on page SEO.
There are two commonly used WordPress plugins to improve on page SEO. Namely these are “Headspace 2” and “All in one SEO”. There is no need to install both plugins and the “All in one SEO” plugin appears to be the most popular.

After adding an SEO plugin they are quite easy to use. They allow space for the article title, article description and the keywords. By using one of the two SEO plugins mentioned, the website owner is able to tell the major search engines what information is to be included on the search engine index.

The information included in the major search engines for the article title, the article description and the main keywords used is controlled by the website owner instead of randomly chosen information taken from the page.

By implementing their simple strategies mentioned above, effective on page SEO is no longer a mystery and is easy to accomplish. These strategies can be used on new content and can also be implemented on existing content.

 A small amount of tweaking is sometimes all that is necessary to make a big difference in search engine rankings. WordPress users can easily benefit from using these techniques and strategies for on page SEO.

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  2. Hi Helio
    Does this apply only to Pro users as I cannot follow the instructions in the basic version.
    Sorry if I’ve missed something.

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