Leadership is about helping others shine their light

There is a famous poem written by Marianne Williamson and recited in an address by Nelson Mandela that admonishes every person to shine their light so that others may shine theirs. Here is a piece from that inspirational poem, entitled “Our Deepest Fear:” Continue reading

Evert Taube

Evert Taube was born 1890 in Gothenburg death in 1976 in Stockholm was a Swedish writer, poet, composer, artist, troubadour, and musician. He has rightly been called the 1900s Swedish National Poet. His songs and poems belonging to the Swedish National particular cat.

© Helio Duarte

Why Did My Facebook Friend Unfriend Me?

Thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook, it is now possible to connect and keep in touch with literally hundreds of friends and family members across the miles, or even from across the road. Empty nesters can check up on their children who have just left home, and you can stay up to date on what your best friend has been up to. Unfortunately, Facebook can sometimes bring out the worst in people. If your Facebook friend has “unfriended” you, it can take you by surprise and leave you wracking your brains trying to work out why you were deleted. Continue reading

Amsterdam’s Round Blue Teahouse

Located in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, the Round Blue Teahouse is a relaxing and cozy place to kick back with tea or beer in spite of its seating for at least seven hundred people. This unique city attraction was built in 1937 and is made of concrete, steel, and glass. The building’s upper terrace overlooks the park and is filled with lovely views. Continue reading

Hip-Hop: The Four Elements

Since the beginning of the United States in 1776, New York has been a central place for innovation and creativity. From Broadway to Ellis Island, it has contributed many things to American society and the world. However, recently, New York has been the birthplace of another arguably important movement – hip-hop. The culture of hip-hop has been a way for people to express themselves in a manner that very much fits the lifestyle they’ve lived on the streets of New York – hard and without mercy. With the culture of hip-hop came four elements, all equally important in developing the way hip-hop is today. Continue reading

Cruising is Popular for the Physically Challenged

Traveling with disabilities can be a fun and exciting experience, it just takes a little more planning and knowing what to ask for and how to plan for what is needed for your particular challenge. This article will give some of the basics for cruising with disabilities. Continue reading