How Much Money Can You Make With Freelance Writing?

Summary: Freelance writing is one of the most popular and reliable ways to make money on the Internet, provided it is approached with the right attitude. This article briefly explains how to get started with freelance writing and where to look for opportunities. As the title suggests, it also provides some estimations on how much you can expect to earn.

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For those who are sceptical, the whole concept of making real money on the Internet may seem far out of reach. It’s hardly very encouraging when our email spam folders and web browsers are constantly bombarded with all sorts of schemes for making money quickly and with minimal effort on the Internet. That being said, if you know where to look, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make money with online freelance writing. There are opportunities out there. You just need to have the patience to find them. How much money you earn is, for the most part, up to you.

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To earn a decent income from Internet freelancing, you’re going to need to be prepared to invest some time and effort. Just don’t expect to quit your day job overnight. On the other hand, you don’t need to put down any monetary investment. You don’t need to start buying get-rich-quick guides and other guides on making money. To begin with, you simply need to start looking in the right places for freelancing gigs. To start with, the freelance bidding sites such as Elance, Guru, Rentacoder, Freelancer and Odesk are all worth a look. For freelance writers, there are also content mills like Demand Media, Internet Brands and much more. These, however, have been hit badly by changes to Google’s search engine algorithm in early 2011 and such opportunities are now few and far between.

The problem with the bidding sites is that they are often dominated by low-paying work.

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The Internet is a global market where millions of people from around the world are expecting to get something for next to nothing. If you take a look at the bidding sites, you’ll need to spend some time trawling through ridiculously low-paid article writing jobs. However, you will still need to start low in order to build up your reputation. With a week of searching and bidding on jobs along with decent applications to accompany your proposals, you should be able to find something appropriate for a new freelance writer. You may have to start at $5-$10 per 400- to 500-word article, but this can easily translate into $15-$30 per hour if you can touch-type like a professional and you’re writing something in your area of expertise.

Content mills often pay well, but their requirements are often quite rigorous. Demand Studios, for example, pay $15 for a simple how-to article. While there are other content mills which pay you a set amount for work, many of them use the revenue-sharing system. This means that you earn money every time someone clicks on an advertisement on the same page as one of your articles. People who write for sites such as HubPages, Infobarrel or Suite101, for example, may earn an average of as much as $2 per article per month in residual income. Without any search engine optimization, however, it can be much less than this on average. Nonetheless, when you have hundreds of articles published, the earnings start to rise exponentially. The attraction is the fact that this kind of gig provides a passive income. Once you’ve done the work, you simply take the earnings for years to come and, eventually, the work pays off.

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