Do’S and Don’Ts of Selling Tips

Summary: Freelance writing isn´t all about articles and essays. Selling tips can be a fun way to make a little extra income. This article outlines 4 do´s and don´ts.

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You’ve probably seen reader’s tips in many of the magazines that you read. Have you ever thought of writing and submitting tips of your own? You can! Here are four tips you can follow to increase your chance of tip publication:

Do: Submit tips you’ve actually used
You don’t want to send in tips that you think sound like they would work or have a reader asking “how would that work?” Submit tips that you know work, because you’ve tried and use them. Those are the tips that will appear most realistic and the ones that regular people will be able to use too.

Don’t: Submit blindly
You’ve found guidelines for a parenting magazine and you are brimming with tips ideas to send in. The problem? You haven’t read any issues of their magazines. Your argument is that it’s a parents magazine and you’ll be sending in parenting tips. Why doesn’t that work? You don’t know what kind of tips any magazine publishes before you read at least one issue (preferably more). They might be very specific tips, such as organization or food tips. Submitting blindly because of assumptions will result in fewer publications and not only wasting your time, but the editor‘s time as well.


Do: Submit to the proper department editor
When submitting tips you want to make sure you submit to the proper department and editor. Failing to do so will mean your tip will not get read by who it’s supposed to. This is another benefit to reading the magazine that you’re going to submit tips to, knowing exactly which department to submit it to.

Number One (magazine)

Don’t: Expect rejection notices
Often with tips, it’s just a matter of waiting to hear if a tip will be published. But don’t expect rejection notices because tips aren’t the same as articles. There may be markets you submit to that do respond about tips that won’t be use, but don’t expect the same from everyone.  It’s a good idea to send out a lot of tips and have them make the rounds. Then build up another batch and send them out, too. Don’t send out two or three tips and sit around waiting for an answer. The more you send, the greater your chances of publication.

Submitting tips is a great way to share your brilliant ideas and make a little bit of side money. Don’t get discouraged if the first ones you send out don’t result in sales, keep on trying!

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