5 Ways to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

Summary: There are lots of up and downs when it comes to freelance writing and much of that involves money. A freelance writer´s income can vary greatly from month to month. This article outlines 5 ways that any freelance writer can increase their income.

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A freelance writer’s income can be very sporadic. One month you might make a record amount and the next you barely make enough to cover one bill. If you’re interested in generating more income as a freelance writer, here’s how you can begin:

1. Sell Reprints
This is an often overlooked source of income, but it can generate extra money that makes it worthwhile. It’s important to go over all of your sold articles and figure out which rights you retained when you first sold the piece. If you own the reprint rights, you are free to sell the piece to other markets for as long as people will buy it. Marketing reprints isn’t something you need to invest a lot of time in. You can submit them every couple of months or even just twice a year. Depending on how many you have, it may take more or less time. Don’t get caught in the trap of attempting to make your whole income through selling reprints. You want to continue writing new pieces as well and add to your reprint collection.

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2. Query the appropriate markets
You have an idea for an article about traveling with children. Who will you be querying? It wouldn’t make sense to query a magazine aimed at seniors. It would also make little sense to query a magazine aimed at single-minded women in their 30s. For an article about children, you want to look at querying parent and family magazines. If you are writing an article about how to grill a great steak, you can approach cooking magazines (not a vegetarian/vegan one), but don’t forget about men’s magazines. Many men are into grilling. Targeting the appropriate magazines will increase your chances of an editor being interested and giving you the go-ahead on your article.

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3. Connect with editors you’ve previously sold to
When you have a good relationship with an editor, don’t be afraid to email them and ask what they might be currently looking for. After all, the editor knows your writing and obviously likes your style. The worst that can happen is you don’t get a reply or they don’t have a specific answer for you.

4. Write regularly for broken into markets
If you’ve sold one, two or three articles to the same magazine, keep on going. There is no need to stop writing for them. You can still break into new markets and continue writing for the ones you’ve already written for. All it takes is good time management skills.

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5. Refer to editorial calendars
Editorial calendars are a great tool for any freelance writer. Many magazines will have an editorial/theme calendar which allow writers to know which topics they will be covering in future issues. Knowing these topics will allow you to write what the magazine needs, which will increase your likelihood of a sale. You can check a magazine’s website for their editorial/theme list. If you don’t find one you can ask the editor who might send you something. Don’t forget about holidays that are covered each year such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. If you’ve studied the magazine and know that they cover holidays and other events on a yearly basis, you can write for them. Remember to submit four to six months ahead of the actual holiday so that the editor can fit them in if they so choose.

You can increase your freelance income with a bit of extra time and effort. By using ideas, articles and contacts that you already have you can generate extra income every year.

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