Resin Casting: Tips and Techniques

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Summary: “Resin Casting: Tips and Techniques” introduces the reader to the concept of plastic casting resins. It explains that two liquid resins are mixed together which then harden into the desired shape. The article offers safety tips and advice on choosing the right resin, then discusses tools, materials and ideas for projects. Continue reading


A Short Guide on Starting Your Own Company

Summary: Thinking of starting your own company? This article discusses the things you need to do to go about putting up your company, including choosing a classification, the legal requirements, fees, and your legal obligations.

Pedaling Through the Past

Starting a new company can be very exciting and frustrating at the same time. Exciting because it marks the beginning of your financial independence for the rest of your life, and frustrating because the process is usually harder and more complicated than people think. For starters, you will need to secure all the necessary documents and fill out all the proper forms in order to register your business legally with your city or state. If you are unsure of what to do, the best move is to seek advice from a lawyer or your local government unit.

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All About Blogging: Too Busy to Blog? Hire Guest Bloggers!

Summary: If you blog specifically to drive traffic to your main website and promote your products or services, it’s important that you regularly post relevant and informative content on your blog. But what if you’re too busy to blog or you’ve run out of ideas to blog about? Hire guest bloggers!

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These days, maintaining a blog (or several blogs) is one of the best ways to increase site traffic and product sales. Business owners also realize that in order for their blog to be effective, it has to be updated on a regular basis, usually everyday or two or three times a week. A blog that hasn’t been updated for a long time will eventually lose readers and such a blog will be useless for business. So what do you do if you’re too busy to post entries for a certain period? This is a problem that’s very common among busy blog owners and the most usual solution is to hire guest bloggers. Continue reading

Getting Started in the Freelance Writing Industry

Summary: With the increase in individuals turning to the intemet for work opportunities, the freelance writing industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Despite this, however, writing jobs are still very much in demand. Breaking into the freelance writing industry may be intimidating to some, but it is a doable task.

The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Because more and more individuals are turning to the Internet to earn money, the industry has become far more competitive. Fortunately, there are still plenty of jobs available and writers are still in demand. With hard work, plenty of effort and loads of patience, you’ll establish yourself as a writer and start earning a steady income. Continue reading

Electronic Medical Records Add New Dimension to Nursing

Summary: More and more state authorities in the United States are telling hospitals they need to make the transition from paper medical records to electronic ones. Medical institutions that already have digitized record management systems are finding that their quality of service and patient care are improving as a result. Often on the front-line of patient care, nurses stand to be one of the chief beneficiary groups of the widespread move towards electronic medical records.

English: Navy nurses in the 1940s.

As nurses are on the frontline of patient care and support in any health care setting, both the accessibility and protection of patient data records is particularly important to them. Whether it’s to determine the method of treatment or to inform a patient and their family, nurses need to be able to quickly access medical records. Continue reading

The Essential Freelance Writer’s Toolkit

Summary: This article is targetted at new freelance writers. lt covers the four basic tools they need to get started. This is evergreen content.

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Writers new to the freelancing world often wonder what tools and utilities they require to support their business. The good news is that there are very few essentials: freelance writing is a career that needs a surprisingly small amount of software.

Before looking at the various tools that should be in your freelance writing toolkit, a few words are needed on the subject of grammar, spelling and punctuation. It’s tempting to think that perfect language skills are critical to the freelance writer but this is not the case. Generally speaking, a good control of language is indispensable but syntactic perfection is far less important than the ability to produce content that conveys an idea clearly and is easily understood by the average reader. Continue reading

10 Unlimited-Potential Writing Topics

Summary: Whether it is for the sake of advancing in your career, establishing yourself as an expert in a particular field, disseminating important information, making money, or simply building your writer´s portfolio, it would behoove you to add “writing experience” to your resume. If you want what you write, furthermore, to be accepted and published, then you had better write about topics for which there is a demand or in which there is a keen interest, examples of which can be found in this article.


There are subjects about which the reading public never tires.  These topics have a high-interest value because the subject obviously impacts or threatens to impact everyone’s life, because not enough has been written about it, because there seems to be an unlimited supply of research material to delve into, or simply because readers have developed an insatiable appetite for the information.  These topics are, consequently, a great choice for writers, bloggers, editors, and publishers looking for new promising projects: Continue reading